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Fly high! This may be just a saying to most people but to some, this statement has a very literal meaning. I am privileged to have met five gentlemen who experience this 2-word phrase every single day. They are Mr. Patrick Kimpo, Mr. Edward Libago, Mr. Jeff Hechanova, Mr. Reese Honasan, and Mr. Dale Brunnell, all pilots by profession.

Mr. Patrick Kimpo, who is a first officer of Philippine Airlines assisting in controlling the plane, started to dream of becoming a pilot at such an early age of seven. He remembers well the difficulties on his first day of training but savours more the enjoyment he feels every time he flies a plane. Though many people say that being a pilot is boring, Mr. Kimpo believes otherwise. In fact, he always feels the excitement and thrill of arriving to his every destination safely. He also looks forward to the opportunity to travel and enjoy the sights all around the world. Mr. Kimpo imparted that being a pilot requires self discipline not only in terms of health but also in time management and adherence to standards. It is also critical that a pilot know how to make the right decisions so as not to endanger his life and those of his passengers. When faced with a difficult situation, he has to remain calm so that he can respond to that situation properly. Pilots set a very small margin of error. As much as possible, they avoid committing mistakes since one wrong decision might affect their very lives.
As much as he enjoys being a pilot, Sir Patrick would very much like to follow another one of his passions, that is, to be a professional photographer.

Mr. Edward Libago, on the other hand, is a member of the Air Force. It was his ambition and self-interest t o become a pilot. He finds it a rare opportunity to fly a helicopter freely. He was also exposed deep in the forests of Mindanao in the planning of bringing down a terrorist base, an experience that drove him to become an Air Force pilot. He is very dedicated in his service that he would want to serve until he is still physically able without thinking of shifting to be a commercial pilot. Mr. Libago believes that a pilot needs not only physical, emotional and mental discipline but also must have courage so that he can do his job without being afraid to serve other people. Rigid training, actual combat and rescue operation, not to mention our unpredictable weather, makes his work a little difficult but that won’t match the experience he had when he was the flight commander during the taking of a terrorist base in Abu Bakr. He manned the helicopter during that time. He encourages students to have the determination and commitment so that they can pursue this career.

Mr. Jeff Hechanova is another Air Force Pilot. Unlike Mr. Kimpo, Sir Jeff did not dream of being a pilot. He believes it was destiny that drove him to this profession. He is currently a staff officer and planning officer at the General Headquarters. Because...

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