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Travel Industry Essay

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Travel IndustryUOPEBUS/400April 29, 2008Does today's e-commerce B2B and B2C companies pose the technological know how to keep the brick and mortar population captivated? With safety and security at the forefront of people's minds, corporate e-commerce must rise to the challenge. People demand privacy, security, and ease of use and customer service that only the well equipped can deliver. The following travel websites will take you through the "look and feel" of each website as well as an evaluation describing the ease of navigation, supply chain when in a "brick and mortar" environment. Marketing tools used, customer service provided, and how the sites handle security, confidentially and international issues.The website Cheap provides consumers access to its collection of airfares on hundreds of airlines. In addition to air one can navigate easily through CheapTickets' family of discounted travel products, which also includes hotel accommodations, cruises, rental cars, vacation packages, condo rentals, and last minute trips. CheapTickets has easy access to other partner deals on their site as well. Creating a user account is very simple and it saves your recent searches and is a relatively easy site to maneuver. is a well-designed website that's easy to navigate, and customer support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Similar links for flights, hotels, cars, vacation packages, cruises, activities, deals/destinations, and other various links to shop by interests. It is almost as if the website was built by the same Webmaster as Again, finding the airport code is not easy and you have to go through the whole process of putting in the departure date, return date, number of travelers, and their ages before the error bar signals the user. Creating a user account is very simple and it saves your recent searches and itineraries.Orbitz is similar to Travelocity and CheapTickets. However, Orbitz has a "quick search" which enables you to find a flight very quickly. Also, this website has a link you may click on to search for your airport code. You also have the choice of choosing non-stop versus indirect flights. You may also expand your search options, search for one-way flights, and flexible dates.All three websites take you to a list of flights usually sorted by price (lowest to highest). The process is tedious when you do choose a flight and/or package as it contains many steps; however, if you are a current user or have an account, much of the information is downloaded for you except for payment information. The three sites have quick links, but require a lot of "processing time" while looking for flights. Oftentimes heavy server traffic will result in a delayed processing times. In all the sites are generally easy and user-friendly. All three are equally "busy" sites in that they have too much information and can confuse the first-time...

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