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I never thought that only two weeks in a foreign country would change my life forever. It was my 11th grade spring break French class trip. We travelled all across the French countryside from Paris to Nice, along the South of France, and even to Monaco and Italy! Before this trip all these places were only ones I've seen in pictures and on postcards. I even ate Escargot in the restaurant at the world known Eiffel Tower. A highlight was our visit to the Louvre Museum. I had no idea how large the museum was, I could have probably spent a month looking around inside. That experience was more of an educational and school related one. I'll never forget when I first saw the Mona Lisa in person I couldn't believe how small it was. I am very grateful for the opportunity to travel to France with my school; this was a turning point in my life where I knew that travelling is one of my passions. Without this trip, I don't think my wanderlust would have emerged.It was my first time in foreign country other than Canada and Mexico; I never experienced any unknown cultural differences before. I remember waking up my first morning in Paris and I was ready for some coffee, bacon and eggs. I went down to the common eating area in our hotel and there I didn't see anything that I was used to. In their place there were unusual kinds of breads, cereal, and fruits. I couldn't believe how small the portions were either; it was not your typical hearty American breakfast. After spending the entire day running around Paris like a group of confused tourists I headed back to my hotel. I remember sticking my room key in the door then all the power went off in the hall way. I...

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