Travel, Tourism And Hospitality Human Resources

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THEME: The Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Industries are highly labour intensive making recruitment, training and development a high priority within most organisations. People are the most important asset to organisations, which have customer contact as their main method of communicating their products and services. This places a heavy responsibility on Human Resource Managers who must not only ensure that they recruit, train and develop the right people to meet the company's needs but also offer appropriate reward structures and the opportunity for employee participation.CONTENTSectionPage NumberIntroductionI.Recruitment1.Determining the work requirements2.Application screening3.Interview4.Assessment of shortlisted candidatesII.InductionIII.Training and DevelopmentIV.Termination Process1.Carol Storey case2.Mark Anderson caseV.Reward Strategy1.Definition and description of "reward strategy"2.Reward strategy in the overall personnel process of the travel and tourism industryVI.Employee Participation1.Employee Relations2.Trade Union3.Employee's VoiceConclusionBibliographyAppendixINTRODUCTIONAs the world changes very fast day by day, people tend to work harder and that leads to their requirements of good services for relaxing afterwards. Tourism starts to grow rapidly from this situation.Many operations take this advantage to open travel and tourism related organisations. In order to have a successful business, like any other industry, tourism industry require a very good recruiting system, which is also known as good human resource management. The X travel and tourism company is an example to investigate in this assignment.I.RecruitmentRecruitment is the process of locating and attracting qualified candidates for job vacancies within an organisation. There are four main steps in the process of recruiting a call centre staff:1.Determining the work requirementsIn order to recruit successfully, the X Company should clearly understand the purpose of this recruiting. Some required skills and personalities for this position are:-Understand the tourist destinations as well as tourism very well, which will help the call centre staffs to answer the customers' questions about the destinations' services, prices, attractions, weather, etc, accurately and quickly.-Have a vast experience in tour bookings (hotel reservations, ticketing, transportation, and so on so forth).-Speak English fluently, without lisp or stutter.-Be able to communicate and negotiate, in order to convince customers to buy the company's products.2.Application screeningAll applications received are evaluated based on the following dimensions: past experience, people who had the internship with the X company, education qualification and other achievements. The most suitable applications are chosen for the next step.3.InterviewShortlisted candidates are invited to meet the human resource manager and his assistant to arrange interviews.The purpose of conducting an interview is to give the...

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