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Travel Without Going Another Place Essay

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Travelling means to visit different places, experience their culture and society, and meet new people. People travel to find pleasure and adventure from these experiences. But, there are some people who do not travel or do not like to travel. I am one of them. From one point, I am a traveler because I came here to study. Although I am going one place to another place and visiting with different society and culture, I have travelled for education, not for adventure or excitement.
I have been in Bulgaria for almost two years, but I have not travelled yet during that time, except for going back to my home country. Why do I not travel? There are three reasons that explain why I do not travel; money, transportation and food.
First of all, the travelling costs too much to me because I am a student, especially international student. Thus, I have not enough money to travel. Also, living in Bulgaria costs bit more ...view middle of the document...

It was the longest journey I have ever had. Even though I was so exhausted and encountered some difficulties such as finding my gate to board a plane, I need to get used to it. Because I will travel like that once a year and I have three more years. Sitting on the plane or waiting at the airport for a long time was really boring. I just sat in a seat without moving my body as I want and could not sleep comfortably. Sometimes your seatmate will bother and disturb you by snoring or talking too much. Also, you need to take care of your luggage when you are at the airport or bus station. These things are related to the long journey. But what about the shorter destinations like travelling to your neighboring country? Again, it is related to money, the cheaper way of transportation leads you to the longer journey.
I always prefer home-made foods so that I do not like the fast-food or flight meal. Those are not delicious and have “bad” qualities. While travelling, people tend to buy fast-food because they are cheaper and fast. On the road, you eat whatever the cafeteria offers so that you have no other options. Therefore, I eat almost anything just a bottle of water. Also, I cannot easily adopt new environment, especially for the food. I feel uneasy when I change my eating habit. Of course, I like to try new cuisine if I travel, but it usually tastes not good for the first time. It took me about one month to get used to eat Bulgarian foods, for example “banitsa”.
Because of all those reasons, I do not travel. Since travelling is to experience new place and new culture and learn about its society, I can travel without going one place to another place by watching television programs, browsing the internet and reading the magazines. There is plenty of information about travelling available to us. We can learn this from special TV programs, channels, travelers’ articles about their experiences and so on. Even I can travel through the underwater by watching National Geographic, a channel. If you do not travel or do not want to travel, there is a way to explore the world so that you can “travel” that way.

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