Travel Writing Dubai Essay

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Travel Writing Dubai

The monotonous hours on the plane ended as I walked to the bus which
drove the passengers to the airport. The cool Dubai breeze hit me for
the first time like a strong scent coming from the perfume section of
Marks & Spencers and I forced my mood to alleviate as I was now no
longer tightly squeezed into the torturing seats of the plane. With
one earphone piece in my right ear, listening to music, I tried to
avoid the screeches of the young children and toddlers being awoken
from the eight hour flight and being carried down to the bus.
Fortunately, the weather had also lightened its mood and had let the
heat fade away replacing it with the cool breeze that penetrated my
skin as freezing water after a hot day at the beach.

My dad was now hastily searching for our British passports as he was
sat down on one of the hot seats in the bus. My mum, who looked as if
she had been woken from a twenty-four hour sleeping marathon, was now
busy combing her springy hair and replacing the layer of shiny
lipstick back on her lips. On the other hand, my sister was now
perturbed from undergoing a marathon of her own; going without the
toilet for ten hours. Every time she had endeavoured to get up from
her seat and go to the toilet the constant queue of four or five
desperate people (mainly mothers in a hurry to change their infants’
nappies) in front of the small cubicles returned her back in to her
own seat.

It took about two minutes for the bus to slowly drive from the
Emirates plane (which now looked like a motionless mammoth with fleas
working on it) to the airport. Getting through the black tinted glass
doors, into the airport was another task in itself, since there was
now a hubbub within the passengers to quickly shift inside and be
first in the queue for the security and passport check. Fortuitously
we were near the start of the queue and the passport checking scarcely
took longer than five minutes. The security check of the hand luggage
was also unproblematic, that is for my parents and my sister. “Could
you please open your hand luggage sir!” a security guard demanded. I
was carrying with me a portable TV, and mp3 player, the family video
camera and my dad’s digital camera. Frustratingly after showing the
over cautious security guards that these electronics were not
dangerous, I became exasperated even further when I had to open all
the battery compartments for additional security checks.

We now had a ten hour stay in Dubai until our plane to go to Saudi
Arab arrived. All we could do now was to explore the modernity of
this wonderful international airport, though doing this for ten hours
seemed impractical and my tired dad now had a problem on his hands.
He was exasperated even further to find out that we weren’t even
getting a free room for...

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