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Traveling And The Study Abroad Journey

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Traveling and The Study Abroad Journey.
Since I was kid, I love seeing the Airplanes take off and fly away. Every time I saw airplane on the air I start to wave and scream “BYE! BYE!” perhaps that what made my travel lover? However, biggest and longest adventure I had is study abroad. This journey started in 2009 until now. My journey begins in Canada, and then here in The United State of America.
First of all, I want to write what happened before this journey started. Everything was so fast like flash, from the moment I decided to study abroad. From the zero point to Vancouver city just took one month. The story behind this flash moment I kind of did everything without asking my parents, ...view middle of the document...

My best friends there was my school director Chris and his secretary Dalal she was also the head of Arabic students, they changed my life and my opinion about sports. They almost invited me to all kind of sport events such as Olympics events and tours, Hokey, and you name it. In my mind, when you far away form your home and your country, you kind of break some of your rules and exceed your limit lines without thinking or feeling. That what happened to me there, I did thing that I never think I will do. On the learning side, I learned I a lot the culture not just the Canadian culture no, I also learned about so many countries and I had so many friends form around the world. Furthermore, one of biggest challenges when I was there, is to live with “home-stay” or with a family in their own home, their were a lot of rules and thing you have to do that you did not use to do when you back home; for example, I lived in a family from Fiji, from their own religious traditions that they do not eat beef, and they asked me to not bring any food that contain beef, I am not complaining at all, I respect their religion, traditions, and culture. But, back home we always eat beef and we cook red meets almost everyday, I was very hard for me to not eat something you love anytime you want. On the other hand, from their part, they were very respectful, caring and helpful. My home mother Vidyya, in the holy month of Ramadan she...

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