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Traveling Barcelona Essay

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Barcelona attracts 7.1 million tourists a year, which is an astonishing number. Many tourists love to visit The Magic Fountain, and the phenomenal architectural work of the Spanish style cathedrals in Barcelona. The most intriguing part about Barcelona is the variation of food and restaurants the city has to offer. Eating out is the most popular way to try all of the foods of Spain. Barcelona is one of the worlds most interesting, tourist friendly cities, with many picturesque cathedrals, and pleasant food to eat.
What makes Barcelona so tourist friendly, is the culture and family attractions in the city. Barcelona is the home of the Barcelona Aquarium, which is one of the largest in ...view middle of the document...

The neo-Gothic style made way for Gaudí’s trademark modernist style, which was based on forms of nature” (Sagrada Familia). Construction for Sagrada Familia is paid for strictly by donations. The government and the citizens are not forced to pay for it. Gaudí passed away in 1926 and his designs were destroyed in the 1936 civil war. When finished the church will be able to hold up to 13,00 people and have a total of 18 towers. Even though the cathedral is not finished, it is still well worth the visit. Another striking cathedral is the Barcelona Cathedral. Al- Mansur destroyed this cathedral in 925. The remains of this cathedral are located in the City History Museum. In 1406, Bishop Guislabert wanted a new one built so construction began in 1298. Progress was gradual and the cathedral was finished in the 20th century.
Eating is one of the most important social activities in the Spanish culture. Barcelona tends to be a very busy city, but during lunchtime, (2P.M.-4P.M.), the city becomes dull as people go home to eat, or restaurants. “In Barcelona, the mainstay diet is typically Mediterranean, with an abundance of fish, legumes, and vegetables, the latter often served simply boiled with a drizzle of olive oil. Pork, in all its forms, is widely eaten, whether as grilled filets, the famous Serrano ham, or delicious embutidos (cold cuts) from inland Catalonia” (Food & Drink). Most of the restaurants are closed on Sundays and Mondays. A lot of foods in Barcelona can be very tasty, so the best idea is to book ahead for restaurants. Breakfast is a usually light with coffee and hot milk. Many people start the day with a light pastry or a combination plate. A combination plate usually has meats and an egg. Lunch is the most important meal...

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