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Traveling Is Educational Essay

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A historic traveler known as Marco Polo embarked on a journey to a foreign country known as China in search of silk. He returned back with not only silk, but also the vast knowledge of China's rich culture, ideas, and inventions. In human history, man-kind has always moved from one place to the next in search of knowledge. Traveling is an educational experience and is also beneficial in many ways.First of all, when traveling to a different region or country, new ideas and inventions can be learned and found there. People vary in the way they think and do things base on where they are from. For example, in China, ...view middle of the document...

In New York City, the people live a fast pace lifestyle and often take the taxi cab instead of driving their own car. The media often referred it as "the city that never sleeps" because of the city's liveliness during the day and night time. In the far east of Tokyo, Japan, teen's and even young adult's sense of fashion are dramatically distinct and are considered extreme or unusual compared to western standards. Beer and a good pair of jeans can be purchase from a vending machine. This experience can be a delightful and exciting culture shock to most travelers. Aside from the urban culture, traditional Japanese wear a gourmet called a kimono and tea ceremonies are still practice today.Finally, traveling is a journey of knowledge and with knowledge, comes understanding and becoming more open minded. Statistics shows that people who travel often are more friendly and respectful to other nationality in terms of race relation. The benefit of traveling exposes a person to discover how diverse the world is and that there isn't just one right way of thinking or doing things. Becoming more open minded of the world in general means ridding the individual of racial ignorance and realizing the " bigger picture " of unity for man-kind, despite the difference in race, religion, or culture.Today's modern society in every region of the world has its own unique way of life. With these limitless diversities around the world, traveling will always be an educational experience for all.

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