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My father and I stood close to the security gate. This was the furthest he could go, airport security did not allow anyone who was not travelling beyond this point. My mind quickly wandered back to the past when I was the one saying goodbye to my father. I was much younger then and such trips brought a felling of excitement and sadness in equal measure. The trip to the airport represented an unforgettable adventure for me. The sight of planes, the masses of people travelling, the mix of emotions from friends and families, as they hugged and said goodbye to each other, created such a sad scene in my mind. This excitement mixed with the sadness I felt when the reality of why we were there in the first place hit me. When I had to finally say goodbye to my father. These mix emotions were so strong that I could not decide which one I felt more.

I was the one leaving, he was the one saying goodbye to me. Surprisingly, I still felt the same emotions I felt as a child when he was the one leaving. I could not understand it all. I had expected it to be different at least a little bit. I thought the excitement that I felt would finally change the sadness that I was feeling at the time, sadly this was not the case. My Father said “Take care of yourself and call me as soon as you land”. “I will” I managed to reply, trying not to show him that I’m sad. We then hugged, I turned and walked past the security check leaving him there, fighting the urge to look back, and see him.

I made my way to the waiting lounge and grabbed my seat. It was a warm Friday morning, the clock had just turn 5 am. The boarding time was two hours away so I decided to kill some time by doing a final check of my documents. It was the first time for me to travel without someone I know, the last thing I needed was missing documents. Mohammed was the first to join me and he too followed me, and started going over his stuff too. Ali and Ahmed were not far behind. Once our document check was done we settled down for breakfast and happily chatted about our up coming adventure in the United States.

The departing time finally arrived after what seemed like an eternity. This was the longest trip I had ever taken, and the plane was by far the biggest I had ever been in. Soon the plane was full and it was time to go. The tremendous sound as the plane build up speed and flew off the runway did not annoy me at all. The whole take off was an unending nightmare.

The air hostesses started moving all around, serving everyone. I ordered some orange juice. I was nervous enough as it was, there was no need to bring my stomach to the party. As was my nature, I knew sleeping would be impossible even though I was admittedly tired. I don’t know why, but being thousands of miles up in the sky on a piece of fast moving metal did not constitute a nice sleeping environment for me. I put on my headphones dropped the chair back and did my best to sleep. Two hours later, I was up and decided to...

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