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Traveling To The Moon And Elevating The World

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On July 20th, 1969, mankind transcended the boundaries of the earth and the comfort of the domestic and went "boldly where no man has ever gone before." The landing on the moon was an accomplishment for humankind everywhere, but the world cannot forget that it was an American accomplishment. This event altered the American consciousness in the domains of culture, history and politics. It has laid a foundation for the way Americans view and experience life today.American culture has always been associated with the American Dream. America is seen by many as the "land of the free," the country where you are free to dream and turn your wishes into reality. When America sent one of our own into outer space and on the moon, we opened a new doorway for the American imagination and established an even greater sense of national pride. More and more, the idea of space travel was prevalent in American thought. Science fiction entertainment sources began to fixate on the idea of space travel, aliens, the galaxy, and all things related to that "one small step." The American public could not, and still cannot, get enough of the magical idea of traveling into the unknown. Once this elusive concept was brought into reality by the landing on the moon, young Americans had a new addition to their brand of the American dream and older Americans had a revived sense of national pride. NASA is now a world-renowned establishment and is constantly pushing forward in scientific and astronomic progression. Because of the gravity of this event, America was given greater political respect in the global community. Landing on the moon was a political victory over Russia and a statement to the world reinforcing American intelligence and power. The American government was admired for its command of technology...

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