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Traveling Trophy Essay

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Traveling Trophy
It’s amazing how something so seemingly insignificant and ordinary can represent something so meaningful in one’s life. I have many such objects, but this one may be the most unique. Maybe it is my vivid memories of the jagged, towering mountains or the crisp Colorado air. Maybe it is the weekend of being carefree and just enjoying life. Maybe it is because it was the only trip I have ever made to Lake City. Yeah, it is all of that, but none of that would matter without it being one of the few but always memorable times that my best friend Adam and I got to spend together. That is why our “traveling trophy” has such sentimental value.

I doubt that the glass paper weight was new when it was “awarded” to Adam and I, and I doubt it was worth much when it was new. It looks like a crystal iceberg with a sailboat etched in the back. Just small enough to fit in the palm of my hand, and be forgotten or lost temporarily when it gets shuffled from place to place in my house, this paperweight seems insignificant and easily forgettable. The stickers on the bottom indicating it was sold by Artmark in Chicago in 1989 and that it was “Made in Taiwan” are sufficiently worn indicating their age. For the most part, there is nothing more even worth mentioning. I am not sure any of this is, except for the memories.

Spending the 4th of July with my best friend Adam had been a tradition for the past couple of years. Like the time when we watched the city fireworks show laying on our backs on top of the roof of his house. We were so close and the wind was just right that we spend half of the time dodging the flaming pieces of cardboard raining down on top of us. Neither one of use was seriously injured so it was a great show. Because of my newly established tradition, I was...

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