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Travelling Shoes + Physical Journey Essay

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A physical journey is defined as a movement from one place to another, it is known to be an experience offering new sights, cultures and perspectives, this can be taken in many different paths or forms towards the destination where a variety of obstacles may be faced.The theme of the personal power of undertaking a journey is explored in the poem entitled, "Travelling Shoes" by Lenore Herowitz. Herowitz has composed a poem based on an individual whom has an optimistic outlook towards the concept of journey. The persona appears to be venturing out to the open road with its travelling boots and taking risks and chances where there are obstacles along the way. By overcoming these fears and challenges, it allows the persona to gain different experiences in life and to gain personal growth.Herowitz indicates the optimistic effects and personal growth brought about by physical journeys. The poem is divided into two stanzas, the first stanza depicts the course of obstacles and challenges faced throughout the persona's journey while the second stanza highlights the reflective phase of the journey. It hence shows that a physical journey is much more than the destination itself, it includes the challenges and experiences along the way.These challenges and obstacles can often cause pain and affliction, however by overcoming these struggles, it can ultimately lead the persona and provide them with the opportunity to extend themselves physically, intellectually and emotionally. The composer has conveyed the concept of physical journeys using a variety of techniques such as symbolism, imagery and metaphor.The poem is self explanatory, the title "Travelling Shoes" is a symbolism of the persona's achievements and developments when taking on a physical journey with these shoes. The "shoe" is represented as a new emotional state where the persona wears the "shoe" to help guide her through the course of the journey and face her obstacles and fears, this hence allows the persona to develop her emotional status and become...

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