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The Correct Seasonal Colors For You

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Color trends change each year. Luckily with a few basic skills and techniques anyone can navigate this ever changing kaleidoscope. Your Seasonal Color type will Tell you what you are and what flatters. Next, you can use this knowledge to select colors and tones to best flatter you with bright shades.

Seasonal color analysis is based on your skin tone, eye color and hair shade. Simply put, your hair is either light or dark. Your skin is either warm or cool. To check your skin hold a piece of paper next to your face in natural light. Close your eyes a moment and look in the mirror. Cool toned people will give the paper a bluish look while warm people will make it yellowish. Light hair is anything from blonde to medium brown and dark is anything darker. Silver is generally cooling and red tones are warming. If you are unsure, try the gold or silver test. If gold suits you, you are warm. If silver, you are cool.

Broadly speaking, cool people have blue, green or gray eyes and blond, black or brown hair. Warmer people have brown, black or hazel eyes and black, brown and blonde or reddish hair. These are just generalities and not hard rules though!

Warm toned people are either an autumn or a spring. Warm with light hair are hallmarks of a spring. Good colors are those found in spring flowers. Pinks, bright blues and jazzy light purples are great. Warming neutrals like khaki and off-whites are good but true white is unflattering. Warm with dark hair signifies an autumn. Think earth tones like olives, golden browns and stone grays. These are the staples of fall. Avoid clear shades or pastels and black and white.

Cool folks are summers and winters. Cool with dark hair sets you apart as a winter. Winters shine in blacks and whites. They are the folks that carry off the harsh shades of winter. Cool with light hair and you are a lovely summer. They are the colors of summer growth. Rose pinks, browns, blue-grays, and crisp whites are all flattering.

Now you know your season. You are poised to tackle the newest trend. This season the colors...

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