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Treasure Island. Essay

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Treasure IslandTreasure Island is s story of great sea adventure set in the 18th century when sea sailing and pirates were the order of the sea. The author, R.L Stevenson combines bravery, violence, artful deceit, heroism and greed for wealth into a powerful masterpiece that definitely deserves to be read at a sitting,The story is mostly about how Jim Hawkins and his friends sail about the sea to find the mysterious Treasure Island which was the place where notorious Captain Flint's buried his treasure after stealing it from the Spanish and other European cargoes.It all begins when at Jim's parent inn. A sea Captain by the name Billy Bones arrives at the inn and request to be admission. He remains at the inn for a while and kept warning Jim to look out for a one-legged man whom he believed to be dangerous.Then one day, a blind man called Blind Pew visits the Inn and gives Billy Bones the Black Spot- the mark of imminent death among pirate crews. After Blind Pew leaves Billy collapses and dies of 'thundering apoplexy'.Jim finds a map in Billy's sea chest just before Blind Pew returns with a band of sea pirates who wanted to find the chart of the Treasure Island. Jim and his mother narrowly escapes from the Inn and leaves Blind Pew and his crew who ransacks the whole inn looking for the chart.Jim takes the map to Squire Trelawney and Doctor Livesey who discovers that the map was telling the location of The Treasure Island where the notorious pirate and murderer Captain Flint had buried his gains. Immediately, the squire and the doctor decide to set sail and search for the Treasure Island. The squire purchases a sturdy but rather small ship by the name Hispaniola. He hires captain Smollet to head the crew and also invites the admirable one-legged Long John Silver to be the ships cook. They also invited Jim Hawkins since he had found the chart of the Treasure Island.Their journey to the treasure was quite peaceful apart from several occasions here and there whereby the captain complained about his crew. Everybody got along fine until one day, when Jim overheard the sea cook Silver talking to Israel Hands, a member of the crew about how they were going to kill Jim and his friends, get the treasure for themselves and head for home.This was pretty unbelievable for Jim but he did the right thing when he informed the captain, the Squire and the doctor about the Silver's plan. It was not before long it was discovered that most of the crewmembers were actually pirates who had served under the infamous captain Flint.As a reward for arriving early to the Island, the captain decides to send most of the crew ashore the Treasure Island where they were to relax themselves. Jim Hawkins decides to accompany the crew. At the Island, Jim witnesses the brutal murder of...

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