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Treasure Island, By R L Stevenson. Describes The Relationship Between Jim Hawkins And Long John Silver, And How This Changes Throughout The Story.

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"Treasure Island"Set in the days of sails and ships, buried treasure and pirates, Treasure Island is an epic tale of a young boy by the name of Hawkins, and his search for the buried treasure of the notorious Captain Flint. Treasure Island is written by Robert Louis Stevenson (1850 - 94), his other texts include The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Kidnapped. I choose to read and review this book because I was familiar with some of Stevenson's other work and I had also watched and enjoyed the children's version of Treasure Island. As a reader, I like reading books in which I have an idea of the plot, as it heightens my enjoyment of the reading experience.The plot of the novel concerns Jim Hawkins's adventures on his quest for Captains Flint's treasure guided by an old map left with his first mate. The story starts out with a simple plot, but on the way Hawkins meets a one-legged cook who is planning mutiny, a marooned ex-pirate on his way to insanity and a longing for the chance to prove himself worthy to Captain Smollett and the rest of his crew. It is a tale of pirates; a map, treasure, mutiny and a one-legged sea cook by the name of Long John Silver.Throughout the review, I am discussing the nature of the relationship between Jim Hawkins and Long John Silver. One of the themes of the novel is the greed for money, which is revealed through the story of the buried treasure. Stevenson manipulates the reader's thirst for the knowledge of who will get to the buried treasure first, by continuously bribing them with hints and clues of which side will conquer the other. The relationships between Jim Hawkins and Long John Silver, both of who are friends, yet on opposite sides provides an interesting twist to the tale.The first three chapters are the base from which the story develops. The first chapter begins with Jim explaining his motive for writing the book. The reader learns that the story is narrated by one of the participants, the adventure is to concern buried treasure, the adventurers are gentlemen who hope to benefit from their escapades and that the adversaries are pirates. By using this method Stevenson plunges the reader directly into the action, and produces a very fast paced book. Critics have long thought however, that Stevenson's use of coincidence is his weakest element in the novel. The coincidence of the characters being "in the right place, at the right time" at times interferes with the believability of the novel.Robert Louis Stevenson's strongest element in this book is that he does not need description to inform the reader of the types of characters in his novel. In chapter two we learn much about Billy Bones and Black Dog, as well as the doctor, particularly from the manner in which they speak. It is the language Stevenson uses with comments such as "this'll be as good as drink to my mate" and "we have seen a sight of times" which give the impression that Billy Bones and Black Dog are from a lower social class because...

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