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Treating Alcohol Dependence In Hammersmith Essay

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This essay will critically review service provision for adult men with alcohol dependence in Hammersmith. The essay will define alcohol dependence, its clinical importance, statistics; national policy will be highlighted and also will define community health profile. It will explore the strengths and weakness of inter-professional working as it is important across the broad spectrum of social care. The services available to meet the needs of this client groups in the National Health Service (NHS), voluntary and private sector at both local and national level will also be discussed.
It will also demonstrate an understanding of cultural, social diversity and the impact they have on health, use of health promotion in health settings, ranges of communication skills that can be employed with different user groups and the role of mental health nurses in the process of potential barriers affecting nursing practice. It will further discuss the ranges of social policy and its initiative to the government.
Community health need profile is the process by which the health need of the community are identified or complied together with the communication on resources or services and gaps available to meet such need in order to improve health outcomes (Billings , 2002).
Community health profiling has a central role to play in enabling nurses, practitioners, managers and policy makers to identify those in greatest need and to ensure that health care resources are used to maximize health profiling. Community helps in addressing issues of health inequalities and the empowerment of the wider community (Association of Public Health Observatories (APHO), 2007).
Alcohol dependence is a public health issue and has been defined as a situation where an individual has intense craving for it and has become a dominant interest as compared to other aspects of their life. This leads to physical and psychological harm which may further impair social and vocational functioning (Marks et al, 2005). Alcohol problems affect the health and well-being of the individual as well as their families, friends and other members of the community in which they live.
The London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham (LBHF) have a population of 176,000) and it is the fourth most densely populated local authority in England and Wales (LBHF, 2004), in LBHF around 40% of new admissions were alcohol dependent assessment. Within this borough, there is a high incidence of alcohol abuse as well as severe mental illness.
Adult men with alcohol dependence in Hammersmith are chosen as a client group for several reasons. The Department of Health profile (DH, 2007) has indicated that alcohol dependence is becoming a problem and men are mostly affected. This will therefore affect in the role they play within their families and community (DH, 2005).
Association of public health in addressing issues of health inequalities and the empowerment of the wider community (APHO, 2007). The rate of admission to...

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