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Treating The Minor Depression As Beneficial Symptom From Biological, Artistic And Ethical Aspects

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Biological, Artistic and Ethical Aspects.
There are various types of severity in psychiatric disorders and symptoms. Some are easily treated, while others are incurable. Despite symptoms’ incongruousness, society tends to connote “symptoms” as harmful. However, should we simply categorize all symptoms as harmful, and dismiss it by finding cures? It is a fact that some symptoms are solely parasitic; however, some symptoms like sickle cell anemia are not solely bad, since it prevents career patients from infection. (Amenia NIH website). Compare to dying from malaria, the shortage in the number of blood cells and oxygen’s shortage is less harmful; therefore, it is considered as “good” symptom. Another example is depression. Indeed, minor depression is harmful for causing following list of problems (Appendix 1: Table 1). Despite a long list of severe symptoms, minor depression is not solely pejorative, when considering beneficial factors: biological, artistic, and ethical. Minor depression improves defense mechanism by raising the immunity (medicinal), expanding imagination, and rationalizing determination (educational).
Minor depression helps body to build up immunity, known as infection-defense hypothesis, and it convincingly suggests that patients would benefit from obtaining the symptom. The infection-defense hypothesis proposes that immune vulnerability to infection elicits depressed mood, which in turn stimulates behaviors that help protect vulnerable individuals and their kin against infectious diseases (Anders, 2013, p. 12). Moreover, depression helps to fight against existing infections by conserving energy. Furthermore, the benefit of depression against sickness behavior is summarized in Appendix B: Table 1. This table shows that the minor depression reduced the chance of getting infection by avoiding new immune-compromising stressor.
At this point, one might wonder how is this hypothesis credible? The testable predictions of the infection-defense hypothesis are shown in Appendix B: Table 2. Particularly, immune ability to fight against incoming infection is clear example, and this convincingly shows that minor depression inhibits people from encountering and receiving infection. Furthermore, following diagram shows the cycle of how minor depression is beneficial (Appendix 2, Diagram 1). As this diagram shows, the biological benefit of this system is convincingly shown. Of course, following will not always exhibit as soon as the person becomes depressed; however, this is the compelling example of how depression might be helpful. Since the depression is hereditary, from evolutionary perspective, depression must be beneficial, and biological benefit convincingly shows that it aids minor depression career. It does not contradict the premises of evolution, and it is logical to conclude that minor depression is “good” symptom.
In addition to the biological benefit, minor depression is beneficial for inspiring artists with creativity and...

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