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George Carlin once stated, "Just cause you got the monkey off your back doesn't mean the circus has left town" (ThinkExist, 1999-2009). Addiction is a disease that, if not treated and triumphed over, can eventually lead to death. "In medical terminology, an addiction is a chronic neurobiological disorder that has genetic, psychosocial, and environmental dimensions and is characterized by one of the following: the continued use of a substance despite its detrimental effects, impaired control over the use of a drug (compulsive behavior), and preoccupation with a drug's use for non-therapeutic purposes (i.e. craving the drug)" (Wikipedia, n.d.). Taking the definitive step to seek out addiction treatment for oneself or a loved one can prove itself to be just as emotionally tolling and overwhelming as the actual addiction itself. The choice of which treatment option to select is not as simple as some individuals would assume. Many options are available which need to be narrowed down through careful research and sometimes professional consultation. According to HelpGuide, a few features should be considered before entering into a program: "program accreditation and licensing, the effectiveness of the program's treatment methods, and the aftercare program to prevent relapse" (HelpGuide, 2001-2008).Ensuring the ability to make a sound, well-versed decision in reference to treatment options (or modalities) proves essential to the overall wellbeing and success of an addict. "Recovery is possible with the right medical help and social support" (HelpGuide, 2001-2008). Often addicts have a dependency to a multitude of substances, rendering their choice of treatment options a more detailed decision. "People often use a combination of approaches to addiction treatment. It may take several different treatments to successfully overcome an addiction" (, 2009). Addiction treatment options have not only become more available for everyone and anyone who may be in need of these services, but have also become highly developed over recent years in response to the growing necessity for these various programs. This paper will encompass various treatment options, modalities used, demographics, referral mechanisms, follow-up and aftercare, success rates, and the commonalities of Team A's site visits in relation to various research in treatment programs.Since addiction can rear its ugly head both physically and psychologically, being able to recognize the symptoms will assist in isolating the ideal program for each addicted individual. Some psychological symptoms to be aware of include: "withdrawal or keeping secrets from family and friends, loss of interest in activities that used to be important, problems with schoolwork, such as slipping grades or absences, stealing or selling belongings to be able to afford drugs, anxiety, anger, or depression, and mood swings. On the other hand, various physical symptoms may be evident such as changes in sleeping habits,...

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