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Treatment For Acne Scars Essay

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Treatment for acne scars

Description: - Acnes scars of different type. Some are permanent like and some are likely to be cured. So the treatment options can be adopted according to the type and severity of the acne.

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Treatment for acne scars

Acne scars occurs because of the infection that occurred to the acne. This is the age of cosmetic surgery helps a lot to cure this problem. This page can help you in understanding the type of your acne scar and what to be done with it. Acne scar treatments are of different type depending on the type and cause of acne.

Acne is of 2 types
• Atrophic in which lot of tissues are lost
• Hypertrophic which has excess of tissues.

While considering about the treatment for acne scars it comes under another 4 divisions.

• Ice pick scars which are deep or very narrow and extents up to the inner of the skin. Skin will look like an open pore or deep hole. These types of scars are the results of infection from a cyst or deep inflamed blemishes. In this type of acne scar the skin is destroyed.
• Box scars look like round or oval depressions with steep vertical sides. This acne scar is giving the appearance of a pit. This type of scar is formed as an after effect of an infection which destroys collagen, which supports the tissue together.
• Rolling scars appears like wave like look across normal appearing skin. This occurs when fibrous band of tissue develop between the skin and the underneath subcutaneous tissue. This results in the pulling back of the skin into deeper structures creating rolling appearance.
• Hypertrophic or keloid scars looks raised form mass of tissue. This grows larger than original wound. These types of scars are found mainly in men. It occurs by over production of collagen.

Treatment for acne scars

Acne scar treatments are decided according the type of scar, and cause of the acne scar.

• Dermabration is a process involved for the acne scar treatment. It is a mechanical method that involves a sharp edge object. Equipment with a diamond edge is involved in the process. The process is effective for light and dark skin and till now it hasn’t succeeded in the medium complexions. As the process involves the removal of the scar, skin will be ruptured and medication is required for avoiding the infection and quick healing.
• Laser resurfacing process of acne scar treatment, involves outer skin removal. It allows the formation of new fresh skin which gives a fresh look. Take care that this process is also infection free. Box scars can be treated by this method.
• Chemical peeling is another process that is so common used for the treatment of acne.
1. Using mild acid- This process involves the use of mild or weak acids like alpha hydroxyl and beta hydroxyl acids. It is useful only if the problem...

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