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Treatment For Low Albumin Essay

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Albumin is a common protein in humans important for checking the health and detecting diseases. With a molecular weight of 65,000 and a density of 3.5-5.0 g/dL, it is made in the liver and released into the blood [1] [2]. Albumin has varieties of function. It maintains homeostasis to balance the amount of blood in the blood vessels [2] [4]. Albumin has a globular structure therefore it can form a colloid when mixed with water. Albumin is used for transporting drugs, lipids, and hormones by colloid osmotic pressure. Most colloid osmotic pressure comes from albumin [4]. Colloid osmotic pressure help to bind to both endogenous and exogenous substances. Drugs and other substances bind to albumin in the bloodstream so that the drug bound albumin can transport to the liver in order to make the drugs and substances less toxic to the target tissues and the water soluble substances. A lower count of albumin can result in a diseased state [4]. Albumin also can affect platelet system in the body. It can control blood clotting by binding arachidonic acid. This decrease production of thromboxane A2 and the activity of antithrombin increases and terminate clotting [1]. Blood clotting is important because it maintain permeability through vessels. Albumin is also important factor for metabolizing and detoxification drug and substances in our body [4].
There are several reasons for the decrease of albumin functionality in the body. This usually happens when it is accompanied by a disease. Decreased albumin levels results from the body’s lowered production of protein and therefore a decreased amount of albumin [2]. Most commonly, low albumin can derived from low intake of protein. Malnutrition of protein can result in loss albumin production to use protein in the body to replace for energy in body and do not convert into albumin [5]. Growth of bacteria in intestine also can reduce production of albumin synthesis because Intestine can excrete albumin from body without absorbing [5] [3]. This decreases absorption of amino acid, protein and other sources into body. But also decrease in production of protein and albumin can due to either kidney or liver problems. If there is damage in liver, production of albumin decrease. Kidney failure has damaged blood vessels so there is increase in excreting albumin from body and cause albumin to come out of urine which result in lower levels of albumin [2]. Patients with cirrhosis have problem in albumin production since hepatic cell is lost. Consequently, blood is poorly delivered resulting in a deficiency of nutrients and oxygen to the liver. Another reason for reduced albumin levels can be credited to side effects from medications that interfere with and decrease protein and albumin levels in the body. Some examples of these drugs are allopurinol, azathioprine, ibuprofen, dextran, estrogens, isoniazid, phenytoin, and valproic acid [4]. Albumin levels can also be decreased by inflammation and burns....

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