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Ablumin is common protein found in human being used for serum-binding protein. It has molecular weight of 69,000 and was made inside the liver. [1]Albumin is very important to measure health and find any disease if present. Because albumin is factor to transport drugs, lipids, and hormones. Drug bind to albumin and albumin can help to transport to liver to become less toxic to body and water soluble to be absorbed. This also help to balance the amount of blood in the arteries and veins.[2]
It contributes colloid oncoptc pressure (COP) which bind to endogenous and exogenous moelcules, and it mediates coagulation and help to maintain normal microvascular permeability.
Role in modulating coagulation, by binding arachidonic acid and thus inihibiting the synthesis of thromboxane A2 and by augmenting the acitivty of antithrombin (AT). Significant hypoalbuminemia can cause or contribute to hyperaggregability in the predisposed patient.[1]
Albumin is highly responsible for keeping water insdie of blood vessles. Though not an exact comparison, when serum levels decrase, the water in the plasama seeps into the empty space surrounding the cells where water doesn’t usually collect, leading to swelling.
The clinical consequences of hypoabluminemia reflect these varid functions. Significant hypoabluminemia contributes to increased morbidity and mortality. [1]
Noraml range of albumin in the body is 3.5 to 4.5 or 5g/dL. [2] with a total body content of 300-500 g. Synthesis occurs only in hepatic cells at a rate of approximately 15 g/d in a healthy person, but the rate can vary significantly with various types of physiologic stress. The half-life of albumin is approximately 21 days, with a degradation rate of approximately 4% per day. [5]
The plasma protein is made up of a combination of albumin with an average molecular weight of 69,000; globulins, 140,000; and fibrinogen, 400,000. The normal range of albumin in adults/elderly is 3.5 to 5 g/dL and for children, 4 to 5.9 g/dL. The average relative concentrations of the different types of plasma proteins and their colloid osmotic pressures are as follows: albumin, 4.5 g/dL(21.8 mm Hg); globulins, 2.5 g/dL (6.0 mm Hg); and fibrinogen, 0.3 g/dL (0.2 mm Hg), yielding a total of 7.3 g/dL (28 mm Hg).3 Looking at the components, it can be seen that 75% of the total colloid osmotic pressure is from albumin, 25% from globulins, and a very less percentage from fibrinogen. Even though the colloid osmotic pressure of plasma is weak, it still plays an important role in maintaining normal blood and interstitial fluid volumes.[4]

Function of albumin
Alterations in albumin level affect platelet function
Albumin also help to transport vessel for various hormones, enzymes, minerals, fatty acids and other metabolites. Albumin is an important protein made by the liver and released continuously into the blood. One of albumin’s main functions is to bind with other substances in the blood to...

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