Treatment For Sexual Disorders And Dysfunctions.

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The topic selected for the presentation is sexual disordersand dysfunctions. This paper will focus on the treatment ofthese problems. The audience will benefit from this subjectmatter by learning how to cope with and treat the problems athand. The organization of this project was divided up intodisorder, causes, treatments, and effects on relationships.Disorders of Sexual Desire.Hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) is the lack ofdesire for sexual activity, which can cause distress on anindividual (Strong, DeVault, Sayad, & Yarber, 2005). There areseveral treatments for this disorder. Ceasing medications whichcause a decreased libido such as Prozac, Zoloft, and Paxil assistin the process of correcting HSDD (Deglin & Vallerand, 1999).Also, due to decreased testosterone levels, hormone replacementmay be salutary for the couple (Phillips, 2000). In addition,there is the clitoral therapy device, also known as EROS-CTD.This device is placed on the clitoris and via gentle suction,causes increased blood flow and sensation to the clitoris(Strong, et. al., 2005).Sexual aversion disorder is the actual avoidance of contactwith the partner's genitals (Strong, et. al., 2005). Most of thetreatments coincide with the treatments for HSDD. Anotherapproach is psychosexual therapy. This allows the individual toaddress anxieties due to a previous traumatic event, such as rapeor childhood molestation (Strong). During therapy the individualis guided by the therapist to explore the underlying problem andare shown that they are in control (Strong).Sexual Arousal Disorders.Female sexual arousal disorder is the, "...inability toattain or maintain the level of vaginal lubrication and swellingassociated with sexual excitement...," (Strong, et. al., 2005).There are a variety of lubricants available to assist the female,such as K-Y jelly (Strong). Other suggestions are vitamin E ormineral oil (Phillips, 2000). In addition, stimulation of theclitoris can assist in arousal of the female. As aging occurs,more stimulation is required in order for the female to bearoused (Phillips). This can be done by increase in foreplay,use of vibrators, and masturbation (Phillips). Also, a warm bathprior to intercourse can be helpful (Strong).Male erectile disorder is the failure to attain or maintainan adequate erection until completion of sexual activity (Strong,et. al., 2005). There are several oral therapies available forthis male disorder. They are known as PDF-5 inhibitors(Sildenafil, Vardenafil, Taladafil)(Van Kampen, DeNeerdt, Claes,Feys, DeMaeyer, & Van Poppel, 2003). These medications enable thepenis to relax and dilates the penial arteries, therefore allowingblood flow to the penis causing an erection (Strong, et. al.,2005). There are alternative treatments available. Some mayelect for vascular surgery or microneurosurgery (Van Kampen,, 2003). While others may find that a prosthetic implant oruse of a suction device assists them better in maintaining anerection...

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