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Treatment Options Used For Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is known as a neurodevelopmental disorder that is capable of weakening communication, behavior and socialization. The term ASD includes three major subtypes which is Autism Spectrum Disorder, Pervasive Developmental Disorder and Asperger’s Disorder. About 9.0 in 1000 children have ASD and certain types of autism might not be identified until three years of life. The probability of boys being diagnosed is higher compared to girls (Bravaccio et al. 2013). Autism is not curable, but it can be controlled using certain type of treatments as there is no specific or one treatment for autism. The question that arises for this literature review, if the treatment used for autism is effective?
There are many types of treatments that are able to control ASD with the most effective treatment involving, behavior and communication approaches. Behavioral intervention is a learning system based on interference approach and this will help to lessen and uphold the target’s behavior. These treatments concentrate on communication, social and play skills, daily living skills and academic accomplishment (Bravaccio et al. 2013). Communication interventions are very useful for autism, and the most significant communication treatment is speech therapy. It maintains the expressive and receptive communication of children; mainly it sustains the expression and enhances symbol learning (Green et al. 2008).
The main goal of treatment is to make best use of the child’s function by reducing ASD core symptoms (Bravaccio et al. 2013). Medical treatment is an additional educational and behavioral treatment. However, large number of children with ASD is supervised medically and they obtain both pharmacologic treatments and complementary-alternative medicine (CAM) treatments that will be able to aid in treating autism (Myers et al. 2008).
Hence, this literature review will aim to discuss the treatments used for children with Autism by parents, caregiver and clinical. Secondly, the effects and efficiency of the treatments used will be discussed. Thirdly, the potential treatments for autism will be discussed. Lastly, the implication of treatments used will be discussed based on the recent research. This literature review will conclude with a concise discussion. In addition, it is important to compare the treatments used to control ASD.
Treatment options used for children with autism by parental, caregivers and clinical
Autism Spectrum Disorder is not curable but it can be controlled using a certain type of treatments. There are various types of treatments used by parental, caregiver and clinical. The treatments can be separated into behavior and communication approaches, medication and complementary and alternative medicine. Applied behavioral analysis is a treatment approach that is used in many schools and treatment clinics (Foxx, 2008). There are different types of ABA and one of it is early intensive behavioral intervention (EIBI). EIBI...

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