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Treatments For Infertile Couples Essay

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Treatments for Infertile Couples

There are many different types of treatments available to help
infertile couples have children. Some of theses treatments are
Artificial insemination and GIFT. Artificial insemination is when the
partner or husbands sperm count is low. Some samples of the sperm are
taken and inserted into the women’s womb. This method has been
available for over 50 years however it has a low success rate. GIFT or
gamete intra – fallopian transfer is when the sperm and the egg are
fertilised by an air bubble in a fine tube. They are injected into the
women’s fallopian tube and fertilise naturally.

ZIFT is also another type of treatment available this is like GIFT
however the egg and sperm fertilised outside the body and then
injected in. ICSI is when a single sperm is injected into the egg and
then put into the woman’s’ womb, this would give the chance to help
men who have a really small sperm count have a child. PID is a new
treatment, which allows families to insure that their children don’t
have diseases that are inherited this could however be one step closer
to a baby bank which is where parents can decide the eye colour hair
colour and even smartness of a baby this however is quite

During egg donations and IVF women are given powerful drugs, which
induce multiple ovulation and this usually has serious side effects.
These eggs are collected in a fine tube and then fertilised using IVF
treatment. IVF is when the egg cells and sperm cells are put together
in a small dish. When the egg is fertilised it is kept in ideal
conditions for a few days while it is incubated the egg multiplies 8
times (blast cyst). These are then injected in to the women’s womb.
The more blast cyst injected the more chance of pregnancy however if 4
or more are inserted there is a risk of quads. These are some ways
infertile couples could have children.


Christian attitudes towards treatments that can help infertile couples
have children are as follows. Some Roman Catholics believe that God
gave us life and no one has the right to give children. The Catholic
Church does not allow most treatments the feel as if the sacredness of
life is being taken for granted. Catholics do not allow IVF treatment
because several eggs are fertilised and some of them are thrown away
which is the same as abortion. The Roman Catholic Church condemns all
types of surrogacy because it involves men masturbating which is a
sin. All forms of fertilisation takes place away from sex and this is
going against God’s will as Roman Catholics believe God wanted sex to
be a part of creating life.

Other Christians allow IVF and AIH because the cells used are from the
father and mother, it brings joy to...

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