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Treaty Of Adams0 Onis Essay

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The Adams-Onís Treaty was one of the most important land treaties in the United States
history. The treaty was between the United States and the government of Spain and signed on February 22, 1819 by secretary of state John Quincy Adams, and Spanish minister Luis de Onís. Upon the signing of the treaty, our Senate ratified it quickly and unanimously. Spain though was stalling, as they wanted to buy time for themselves in propping up their colonies in the rest of the New World in hopes of getting the U.S. to give them more than they were receiving in the treaty. A new ratification was necessary, this time there were objections on the U.S. side. Henry Clay and other Western spokesmen demanded that Spain also give up Texas in the second signing. Their proposal was defeated by the Senate, which ratified the treaty for the second time on February 19, 1821 and the two nations exchanged ratification papers three days later with the treaty proclaimed on February 22, 1821, two years to the day after the original signing.
The beginning of the process for the treaty actually was started in 1819. During the First Seminole War, American General Andrew Jackson exceeded his orders. He was authorized to fight for and protect Americans in U.S. controlled Georgia. He overstepped his bounds and invaded the Spanish colony of Florida in pursuit of escaped African-American slaves, Native Americans and escaped convicts. Jackson’s efforts essentially put Eastern Florida in control of the U.S. and left Spain with only a marginal hold on Western Florida. Many called for General Jackson’s firing as well as charges brought against him for his transgression. The Spanish demanded an explanation and apology for Jackson's capture of two garrisons at St. Marks and Pensacola. President Monroe and most of the cabinet were also appalled. Secretary of State Adams, not only refused to apologize but believed he could now convince the Spanish that their presence in Florida was precarious at best. He began discussing the gaining of Florida by the U.S. and the vague border to the west that was formed with the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. These discussions ended in the result of the Adams-Onís Treaty of 1819. Adams believed...

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