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Treaty Of Versailles Causes World War Two

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World War one was a tragic war in which Woodrow Wilson attempted to return peace to Europe. The War was long and tiring but eventually ended with the Treaty of Versailles being signed at the Paris Peace Conference. The Treaty of Versailles contained President Wilson’s fourteen points, one of which was the creation of the League of Nations, which the United States Congress voted against, as to not give power over America to other countries. The treaty placed all the blame for the war on Germany, which led most Germans to be very upset about the treaty. This resentment for the treaty eventually led to the start of World War two when Hitler came to power and defied the treaty. Although if the ...view middle of the document...

In February 1917, the Germans announced an unrestricted submarine warfare campaign, breaking the Sussex agreement, which said they would signal before firing on ships, and they planned to sink any ship that approached Great Britain (Orange). The United States declared war on Germany, joining the Allies, on April 6, 1917 (Orange). It took some time for the United States to prepare and on April 23, President Wilson made a speech declaring that the United States would enter the war and restore peace to Europe (Orange). Before American troops were ready to travel overseas, Russia had to drop out of the war after the German commander Erich Ludendorff won decisive victories over them in 1917, and also due to the Russian Revolution (Orange). Germany was not the only country with success and the British naval blockade on German ports proved to be working; in early 1918 in Berlin and other cities there were strikes and demonstrations in protest to the effects of the war on the population, because the British naval blockade meant that thousands of Germans were starving (Orange). However, this did not stop Ludendorff and he eventually decided in 1918 that if Germany was going to win the war, then they would have to defeat the Allies on the Western Front before the American troops arrived (Orange). Initially it looked as though Ludendorff would be successful, but the Allies held their ground and pushed back the German troops (Orange). Although it looked as though the Allies were handling themselves well, the American troops still joined the French and British troops in the summer of 1918 (Orange). Ludendorff was done and in October of 1918, he resigned causing a mutiny in the German navy (Orange). Germany was not quite done yet, because Socialists were waiting for the chance to seize Germany as they had in Russia, and Kaiser Wilhelm II was abdicated on November 9, 1918 (Orange). The new power in Germany was not enough to get them a victory when in November 1918 the Allies claimed theirs, although the United States troops were fresh, they were not war-weary and proved invaluable in the German defeat (Orange). Despite the ineffectiveness of the American troops, on November 11, 1918 the leaders of both the Allies and the Central powers signed the Armistice at a meeting in Ferdenand Foch’s railway carriage headquarters at Compiegne (Orange). The war was about to be over.
The Treaty of Versailles played a huge role in ending World War one and so did President Wilson. When Wilson arrived in Europe in mid-December, he was prepared to bring a new world order, in which progress and freedom could continue (Pink 1 p.185). The conference to do so assembled on January 18, 1919, bringing together 70 delegates from 27 countries (Yellow 2 p.363). It was settled that with each of the Central Powers, would be separate treaties, which required a large number of commissions to deal with the different aspects of the settlement (Purple 2 p.292). The conference was unusual...

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