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Treaty Of Versailles Vs. The Peace After World War Ii

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"War is eternal, war is universal. There is no beginning and there is no peace.War is life...War is the origin of all things" - Adolf Hitler. As we examine all the great wars in history there is always one question we must ask ourselves about the success of the aftermath of the war. Was their a lasting peace, or was more war a result of the post war agreements? The post world war eras were times of turmoil for the European continent. Tensions ran high as Europe was completely in shambles, trying desperately to rebuild. The differences in the way to go about peace at the end of World war one and two ultimately led to how our world was shaped over the last century, with all the benefits and pitfalls those proposed plans came with. The peace at the end of World War II was more successful than the Treaty of Versailles in calming European tensions in terms of the economic, political, and social aspects of life.The Treaty of Versailles blamed Germany for the First World War. As a result of this Germany was also held accountable for the cost of the war and the Treaty dictated that compensation would have to be paid to the Allies. It is important to remember that the economic might of Germany had been stretched to the limits during the war, and she would have to reconstruct her own economy at the same time as paying Reparations. Many Historians believe that this led to Germany's downright atomicity toward those allied nations. In the post WWII era Germany was not as economically crippled like in WWI since most of the fighting was not done in Germany; they paid reparations mainly in the form of dismantled factories, forced labor, and coal. General William Henry Draper Jr., chief of the American Economics Division said at the Potsdam Conference, "Some progress has been made in converting Germany to an agricultural and light industry economy, the nation will need large imports of food and raw materials to maintain a minimum standard of living. Clearly it can be said that the leaders in the post WWII era were much more concerned for German wellbeing than those self-centered leaders at the Paris Peace Conference.Many people believe the Treaty of Versailles caused the political disillusionment that led to WWII. Former soldiers in particular, believed that the politicians had lost the war rather than the army. This, amongst other things, led to a growth in the number of people who distrusted the Weimar Republic and were unwilling to support it. This manifests itself in uprisings such as the Kapp Putsch and the Munich Putsch, though there are other factors which led to these uprisings of Adolf Hitler. After WWII the victors made every effort to restore and rehabilitate the land and industries of the vanquished. The Germans were treated fairly; they were divided into 4 zones of occupation, U.S., France, Great Britain, and the U.S.S.R. The American, British, and French zones joined in 1949 as the Federal Republic of Germany, and the Soviet zone became the German...

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