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Treblinka: The World's Mistake Essay

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Throughout the pages of history, indifference has become a major cause of the world’s most major incidents. From 1939 to 1945, the Second World War raged across Europe, leaving a scar upon this Earth for as long as humans inhabit it. In Nazi Germany, the forces of Hitler had the audacity to exterminate the Jewish population of Europe. More specifically, Treblinka became the second largest concentration camp during the war between national socialism and democracy. Elie Wiesel use of Treblinka in his speech is a prime example of indifference throughout the world.
Wiesel uses the emotional trauma and inhumane accounts and experiences of survivors to show that the leading countries are to blame for Treblinka.Throughout the Second World War, many of the poor, unfortunate souls who were sentenced to concentration camps would have lost their dignity, personal possessions, and most importantly, their loved ones. Those in Europe who were under the “iron fist” of the Nazis believed America would save them. Sadly, they were wrong. The tragedy of the S.S. St. Louis was America and Cuba’s first decision on Jewish immigrants hoping to flee from the rising tension between countries. America, England, and France should have foreseen the oncoming storm that would be Hitler’s blitzkrieg against all of Europe. The entirety of this era full of hate, murder, fascism, and nationalism, should have never begun in the first place.
The world should have been more in-tuned with the major events of the 1930s such as Hitler’s election as Chancellor of the Reichstag, Kristallnacht, and the boycott of Jewish businesses. Because of the war, the camps, and the mass murders, Germany and Poland was a nightmare for the Jewish population. “Hell on Earth” became a reality in Treblinka. Prisoners within the camp were branded like slaves and lost their identities. Prisoners were forced to work from sunrise to sunset until they collapsed from exhaustion. Mothers were forced to leave their children, and thousands of families were separated. To wake up one day with your mother, have her marched into the gas chambers, and then never seeing her again or even saying goodbye would be traumatizing and cruel beyond belief. But for Treblinka, the scenario was much worse. Those who were brought off of the trains would be killed within the hour, and only a handful of prisoners were kept for work. For those who believed that the Holocaust didn’t exist, the survivors and testimonies of former prisoners shed a veil of light upon the situation.
Because of survivors, testimonies, and the few documents that were not destroyed, Elie Wiesel calls upon Treblinka as being an example of the world’s indifference. During 1942, under the orders of “Operation: Reinhard” Treblinka opened it doors to the hundreds of thousands of Jewish masses being crammed inside, such as sardines being shoved into a can. More than eight hundred and fifty-thousand of these “undesirables” were slaughtered like cattle through...

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