Trecelles' 15 Years Of Life So Far.

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It was a cold sunny afternoon on February, 10, 1999 11:55 am at South East Baptist hospital.
I weighed 6.45 pounds. My mom said I was a hyper child, I remember that mom and step-dad would put me in my lap when were down the street from the house and I’d act like I was driving. My dad died when I was like almost 2 so I don’t know much about him but stories and pictures.
My mom said that my first words were curse words’ I would say them all the time I was annoying. That’s about it for my Toddler years nobody remembers them really so but that’s okay.

In my first elementary years when my mom dropped me off at class 2nd to last classroom in the hallway, and I would run out my classroom back to my mom everyday all the way down to the office. Most of the time I would eat lunch with a girl at my classroom table, and every day she was in class I would ask for her milk. She was like my friend in pre-k .My classroom was across from my cousins so we would talk across the hallway of course when the doors were open. We was good friends. I moved to a lot of places went to a lot of different schools. I’ve been in Blanco, Seguin, and every side of San Antonio. I went to five schools before 2nd grade and there were whole lot of different kids. Then I came back to my first school. Then had to leave because of a fight. So I went back to my 4th school W.W. White elementary for 5th grade. Let’s get out of school for a while. I remember the first time I rode a bike without training wheels. My brother Troy was teaching me I couldn’t get it , then one day I just woke up and went outside to my red bike and got on and just started to ride it , it just happened .In the 2nd grade I got 3rd place in my first ever spelling bee, I was happy. My mom said when I was in kindergarten I read at a college grade level. My teacher said to my mom “Trecelle reads and sounded out words kinder students don’t know. In the classes I think. The teachers often told me that “Trecelle your gifted and you’re going to be something good”. I was a child that didn’t get spoiled like my little brother and older one. But I Don’t care, my little brother would get stuff like 300 dollar battery powered ride-on, and I would get a action figure, he would get a bouncing balloon I would get cake. Sometimes I would tutor a lower class like I think they were Kindergarten students. Let’s get out of school during this time and go home for a bit at home my brothers and I used to play the games and roughhouse a lot we used to also love watching wrestling ,and jumping on the bed. We also used to watch every kid channel from Disney to...

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