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With so many companies fighting for good positions in the marketplace, in order for organizations to stay competitive and ahead of the opposition they must promote change and stay focused on current trends. An organization's human resource Department (HR) is a vital piece of the company that will help give the organization a diverse competitive edge and assist in steering the company into the right direction. In this paper Team A will discuss existing trends and challenges in a company in relation to: performance management systems, annual performance appraisals, managing employee turnover, health and safety issues, and future challenges and trends.A business is only as good as the people who work for it. Whether the business focuses on mass production, sales, or industrializing, the individuals who carry out the companies day to day activities are vital to the success of the company. Performance management, which is the creation of a method that would allow the measuring of employees' performance in relation to objectives and business goals, is an effective way to measure and rate performance. In this section of the paper, Team A will discuss the difference between a performance management system vs. an annual performance appraisal.In an organization there always has to be some method that must be implemented in order to track whether or not the actions of its employee's are benefiting the company. According to organization and management developer consultant Susan Heathfield, "The goal of performance is to achieve the company's mission and vision. Almost no one performs for the organization, however, if his or her own mission and vision are not accomplished as well (2005)." In order for an organization to attain a win- win situation, the employees' personal objectives must complement the organizations objectives.The unofficial function of performance management systems permits for continuous feedback between employees and supervisors in order for adjustments to be made, which in turn will help the organization's overall performance. From an official point of view, performance management includes coaching, counseling, and action plan improvement. Counseling and coaching are two key factors in the performance management system because they allow for changes to be put into place and keep supervisors and employees updated on the progress in their departments. In order to boost the performance of an organization and its staff, the performance management system must maintain a cycle that involves new and old employees. This cycle should include things such as reviews, salaries, incentives, goals, promotions, growth tracking, bonuses, and new hire packages. Following these steps will allow employees to sense that they are important players in the system, which in turn will enhance their productivity as employees because they will feel like they contribute something towards making the organization successful.In summary, the performance management...

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Trends and Challenges Essay

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