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Trends And Issues Essay

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Family values are highly praised, but what happens when the family is broken up? Married couples end up in divorce due to many different reasons, either because of struggles in the marriage, loss of romantic feelings or some other type of marital problem. Most divorced couples have young children that often do not know how to deal with an event like a divorce. Divorce can shake up children in many different ways and it varies based on the child’s gender, age and stage of development. However, all children are affected in someway by their parents divorce.
Bronfenbrenner’s bio-ecological system of development believes that a child’s developmental foundation consists of multiple layers and these layers are in constant transformation during a child’s development. According to Bronfenbrenner’s many environmental influences will impact the development of the child. In a divorced family a child’s Microsystem will be affected the most due to the fact that this is the child’s foundation, which consist of his parents and immediate environment. Based on Bronfenbrenner’s theory there is a domino effect that happens with the divorce and not only is the microsystem affected but also all of the other four systems are affected. The Mesosystem will not be established, as the relationship with the parents will be interrupted. In the Exosystem a child can be affected by the parent’s reactions of stress due to the daily responsibilities that are now beard upon one parent. In the Macrosystem the child will have little or no value of marriage and finally in the Chronosystem the effects of divorce on children can change almost all aspects of a their life including where they live and with whom they live.
Children are strongly affected by their parents divorce and it is normal for them to experience some kind of emotional change. Relationships with friends and relatives may be compromised or damaged and the child’s ability to start or maintain relationships may be affected. A divorce can create an unhappy environment for the children affecting their values and beliefs. Vygotsky’s sociocultural theory stresses the interaction between the child and the social environment in which they live. He also states that much of a child’s learning comes from the people he or she interacts with the most. When parents are divorced this learning is disrupted and affects the familiarity and development of concepts learned through the capable adult in their life. A child can develop a sense of abandonment and at times may feel that they are at fault. Children need to maintain the Zone of proximal development as strong as possible with support systems and other individuals that form a part of their lives in order to help them endure their parent’s divorce.
The family system theory states that when one family member is affected by something, it impacts all members of the family do to the connection between one another. Therefore, a divorce is never a situation just between the parents;...

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