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Trends In Family Formation: A Look At Same Sex Marriage

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Family and marriage are social and divine institutions that are facing constant challenges due to the rapidly changing trends in society. In the past, the problems that families and marriages experienced were polygamy, early marriages, and family planning, but the current society experiences extra problems such as high rates of divorce, delayed marriages, single parenthood, cohabitation, and emergence of same sex marriages among other pertinent issues. The emergence of same-sex marriages complicated conventional and religious teachings for these teachings view same sex marriage as an immoral issue in the society that should never happen at all. Despite the denial and renunciation of the same sex marriage in the society, gays and lesbians continue to exist in the society while their numbers are increasing alarmingly. High rates of divorce and marriage abuses have left many young people wondering and questioning whether marriage is of any significance in life with regard to happiness and achievement. Glen argues that, “young adults delay getting married, not out of cynicism or apathy so much, but because of a near crippling anxiety over whether they will fail at marriage like so many of their parents did” (2012, np). Such and many other fears compel young people to get involved in aberrant sexual behaviors as gay and lesbianism in order to avoid problems associated with heterosexual marriages. Therefore, what are the trends, causes, and solutions regarding the issue same-sex marriage?
Trends of Same-Sex Marriage
Same-sex marriage is an emerging social and religious issue that is gradually finding its way in the legal system as constitutions of many countries recognize heterosexual marriage only. Conventional and religious ethics hold that marriage is a union of opposite sexes with the prime objective of bearing children and companionship. Therefore, viewed from religious and conventional thinking perspective, same-sex marriage is an outright immoral association of two people against natural and divine morals. However, despite the fact that the society continues to deny existence of same-sex marriage, gays and lesbians continue to practice their ‘marriages’ behind the scenes as evidenced by legislations adopted by various countries signifying their recognition of such practices in the society. Proponents of the same sex marriage argue that denial of same-sex marriage in the society amounts to discrimination based on people’s sexual orientations and thus unacceptable in the modern world of freedom and democracy. “Gay-rights advocates are intensifying efforts to gain legal recognition for same-sex unions saying that gay and lesbian couples need and deserve the same symbolic and practical benefits for their relationships enjoyed by heterosexuals” (Jost, 2003, p. 723). Gays and lesbians maintain that it is their inalienable right to enjoy same-sex marriage as their counterparts in opposite-sex marriage.
The emergence of same-sex...

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