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Trends In Teen Pregnancy Around The World

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Teen Pregnancy has been a big epidemic this past century. Not only effecting countries like the United States , Mexico and England but also countries like Canada and Sweden. The big baby boomer epidemic started it all not only in the United states but all over the world. Many people wouldn’t think that Canada has had a problem with teen pregnancy rates but it was one of the many countries that was involved with the baby boomer era. Most people didn’t know pregnancy rates doesn’t just include live births but also abortions and fetal loss rates which many people fail to add in this category. The main purpose of the research was to show the trends in teen pregnancy only in Canada from 2001 to 2010. The researchers believed that pregnancy has in facet went down since the start of research in the 1974 by almost 20% . Most people think this information isn’t that important but it is its important for educators , service providers, and also policy makers. Teen pregnancy numbers were compared per 1000 women ages 15 to 19. Some of the Providences didn’t want to participate in this study so they had to estimate the number of abortions per clinic that did let them do the study for teens ages 19 and under. In years leading up to 2008 the CIHI reported a decline in teen abortions not only in one providence but also in others. From 2001 – 2005 teen birth and abortions declined in 10 out of 12 Providences by 14.8% this was the largest decrease they've seen so far. Researchers found that teen birth and abortion rates both declined from 2001 to 2010. Birth rates declined by 15.6% while abortion rates declined by 24.2 % Both rates fell by 20.3% from 2001 to 2010. Since teen pregnancy has decreased since starting research it shows that teens are either using more contraception or waiting until they are older to think about having kids.

As I stated earlier there are other countries that dealt with the epidemic of teen pregnancy including Sweden, United States of America and England/ Wales. Researchers believe that this information is important to understand why our teens are having children at such a young age. They believe as like in the Canada research pregnancy has decreased significantly over the course of a decade. Sweden birth rates were taken from Statistics Sweden they were calculated by the number of births to females from age 19 to younger from 1996-2008.Researchers believe that by the end of their research their would be a decrease in teen pregnancy ,abortions and live birth in all three of the countries. Their methods came from a array of different places. As in the United States their methods came from the National Center for Health Statistics .While England and Wales came from the Office of National Statistics and Shrobree's. United states data also came from a self-report survey. Their fatal loss per 1,000 females from 15-19 were 11.1 but England Wales and Sweden doesn’t keep that type of information. Researchers found that from 1996-2006 Sweden...

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