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Photography has really changed over the years. A long time ago you would have to cover yourself in a little black blanket and take your picture upside-down. Eventually technology got better, and we made better cameras for photography. We went to a point where you could easily take your own pictures, but would have to get them developed. But these days you can take your own pictures digitally, but it is still a good idea to get your pictures done professionally. We can also edit our pictures today easily with computer programs, when a while ago you had to use and airbrush and take a very long time just to make it look like something wasn't there.At first we used chemical photography to make photos. The first permanent photo was made using chemical photography, and chemical photography was a good way of doing things at first. The only problem with chemical photography is that it takes at least 8 hours to develop an image that is a good amount of time for waiting.Well once the camera was given to France for free use, many cameras became portable. One of the first was the Jens Poul Anderson; it had a very basic lens with a brass barrel. It could take about 300 pictures with 1 roll. Later on people got a little fancier and used some better materials; one camera with a very interesting camera lens was the Ernst Leitz. The Ernst Leitz was made out of what were pretty good materials for cameras back then, and it had a camera lens right in front of it that you could kind of move out of the was.These old cameras interested the whole world, which started the globalization of the camera. The first few cameras were given to the French, but when other people started seeing these cameras, a whole bunch of countries made their own, like Germany and the U.S. You can find a whole lot of antique cameras made in France, America, Germany, Austria, and a lot more countries. Just being able to take pictures made people all across the globe...

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