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Trends Of The Australian Labour Market Outcomes And There Effect On The Australian Economy. A Outline Of The Current Australian Industrial Relations Act. (Work Choices 2005)

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The Reserve Bank of Australia's glossary of terms, defines a labor market as "A collective term for employment, unemployment, participation rates and wages."* It can also be defined as the interaction between employees and employers and how they seek to find employment, also the effects of trade unions and Industrial Tribunals and how they aim to protect and assist workers. The labor market throughout the years has shown trends or patterns in its changes, this can be seen by studying the statistics of factors of the labor market such as: Unemployment, part time work, casualisation of work, outsourcing, individual contracts and sub-contracting.Unemployment is defined as a person that is not working, but is seeking for and is readily available to work. Causes of unemployment can vary from lack of education to discrimination in the workplace. Unemployment for the last 10 years has dropped at a low but steady rate to just settle at 4.9% at the current state according to Employment and Workplace Relations Media Center**. Today's unemployment level is considered comparatively low to the rate 10 years ago. Effects on the economy from a low unemployment rate can be: Higher economic growth. Generally, the more people that are employed allow consumers to spend more and thus increasing the standard of living. Governments would also benefit from a low unemployment rate as it would have to spend less from the budget to cover welfare payments to the unemployed, it would also raise more revenue from taxation and benefit the budget outcomes. One negative effect that low unemployment rate would cause is the higher rate of inflation. Also if supply runs out wages increase, lead to interest rate riseTo work part-time means that you are being employed less than 20 hours per week at a set day and time every week. The trend for the last 15 years can be seen on the graph below as a steady rise in part time employment. Part time employment affects the economy as it allows for workers to spend time away from work and more time to spend on family and personal reasons. Increase in part time work means less people are working less then 20 hours per week. Therefore decreasing productivity in firms and industries in general. A decrease in productivity would also result in less efficient firms and a decline in economic growth. However it would be of benefit to some employees and businesses as it gives them more flexibility in the lifestyle. It would so benefit the economy as a whole making it more flexible and internationally competitive.Casual workers are employed on a random basis and can be called up at anytime. They do not benefit from fringe benefits such as holidays bonus, sick pay and long service leave etc. They would incur a higher wage in compensation for this. As casual jobs generally require low skill therefore most people would be able to be employed. E.g. Fast food restaurants like MacDonald's, Hungry Jacks. The increase of causal jobs suggest that more jobs are...

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