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Tri Band Wilkinson Power Divider Using A Three Section Transmission Line Transformer

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Prerana Chowdary Yerneni

Review paper summary: The main objective of this paper was to design a triple band equal split power divider circuit.
Introduction: With the advancement in technologies, concentrating on transceivers is increasing. Transceivers operate at various frequencies. The author uses Wilkinson power divider (using three section transmission line transformer) which operates at three different arbitrary frequencies simultaneously to generate the required specifications. This condition of using three different frequencies on contrary to using dual frequencies makes this /or made this paper publishable. This circuit operates in the frequency range 900 MHz - 2.3 GHz.
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The circuit can be created using microstrip lines, fabricated on Taconic substrate. The lengths and the widths of the microstrip lines are found using the TX Tool in AWR, for this circuit the measured values are presented in table 1. All the values are measured in mm. Loss tangent is considered to be 0.002.
Conventional circuit: Wilkinson power divider is the basis convention circuit. For equal power split, the circuit that can be used is presented in figure (2). The value of impedances of the quaterwave transmission line is sqrt (Z0) and resistance is 2(Z0), when z0 is the characteristic impedance. The parameter values and corresponding lengths and widths are given in table 2.
ZO Z01 Z02 L W R
50Ω 70.7Ω 70.7Ω 46.4759 1.93465 100Ω

The output of the conventional circuit is provided in figure 4. From the plot we can say that at the center frequency return loss ls11l is very low, and power is split equally between both the output ports.

Novel Design: In the innovative design we implement an equal split 4 way power divider. To the same power divider, we yet again add a 3 port Wilkinson to each of the output ports to make it an output four port .This leads to a circuit with one input and four output ports. The basic block diagram of this implementation is shown in figure (i). The proposed circuit is simulated and the corresponding results are shown in figure 6.

The results: The circuit presented in the paper has lS21l and lS31l to be greater than 3.4 dB while in the innovative design we generated ls21l, ls31l, ls41l and ls51l are greater than 6.5db.This means that while in the paper presented the power is equally split between two ports so about 50 % of power is sent through each of the output ports while in the proposed...

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