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Tribal Body Techniques, In Relation To One Or Two Instances Of Clothing Styles Or Body Decoration, Show How The Choice Of Certain Body Techniques And Modes Of Conduct Construct Specific Identities.

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In relation to one or two instances of clothing styles or body decoration, show how the choice of certain body techniques and modes of conduct construct specific identities.----------------------------------------------------------Body techniques are an extremely diverse and controversial subject, being such a broad term; it is often used as a 'catch phrase' to describe any number of things relating to the body. Some of these include, people's choice of clothing, mannerisms, and defining actions. In his article titled "Techniques of the body", Marcel Mauss defines techniques of the body as being "the ways in which from society to society men know how to use their bodies." (1973; 70) Interestingly enough, every society is very different. This not only refers to dress and religion, but also customs and character traits that shape each individual society. There is still of course similarities, especially in the areas of celebration. Events such as birthdays, marriage, Christmas and funerals have all become almost universally recognised in most cultures. The differences in the way these events are celebrated are what really set us apart.Customs and rituals belonging to each individual group are enormously contrary. The body techniques that surround these various ceremonies are really the defining factor that distinguishes us as a distinct group (however large or small) that is obviously different from the rest.The universal human solution to the need to regulate sexual relations is, and for millennia has been, marriage. Marriage can be defined as a socially sanctioned sexual and economic union between two people. The human marriage contract is most usually between a man and one or more women.Western society encourages a decidedly different ceremony concerning marriage than that of the tribes of Africa.In Western society we tend to assume that the union is usually the result of two people marrying because they love each other, wish to stay together and want to raise a family. In most tribal societies however, the selection of a marriage partner is somewhat different. Partners are selected from a narrow band of people who share similar status, social class, values and lifestyle.Courtship in preparation of marriage is a very interesting and widely diverse activity that occurs all around the world in very different ways. Traditionally in the Western world, a couple will meet and 'date' one another for an amount of time. It is then that the young man would go and ask the permission of the father for the young ladies hand in marriage. On proposal, a ring is given; usually a diamond set in gold, as a representation of the young man's commitment. Engagement parties are held where guests attend and give gifts, closer to the date other traditional 'ceremonies' are held labelled buck's and hen's nights. These nights are held for the bride or groom to be, as a last night of 'fun and freedom' before they make their final commitment to each other on their wedding...

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