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Trip To The C.N. Tower In Toronto,Canada Writing Homework Assignment

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Trip to the CN Tower
In Canada
CN Tower
I enter the CN Tower it got very chilly. I enter the elevator on the inside, it was warm and cozy. I turn around to see that the elevator is on the outside of the building. The elevator is made out of steel and glass.In the elevator you can look out upon canada. It starts off slow then it goes quicker and quicker. As we approach the top of the building the elevator slows down. BING!! BING!! goes the elevator, and the doors open then I think to myself this is so exciting I am going to have a wonderful time here. I enter the room it gets warm. I thought it was because they had the heat on but soon I realized it was coming from outside where they had a balcony where you can look over. I go to the balcony and see people walking along a rounded edge. It looked very scary. I Thought to myself OOOOOHHHH!!!!!!!! I want to do this. I kept thinking hmmmm maybe not. I thought about all the people who could have gotten hurt or the people who got hurt or fatally injured. I walk around the balcony they have telescopes scattered around I look through one of the telescopes and see downtown Toronto. I stepped away from the telescope and looked over the balcony to see a...

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