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Trip To The Footy Game Essay

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The tension started to mount even before fans got in to the stadium. Armed with their faces painted and their footy game voice, the battle between the long time rivals Carlton Blues and Collingwood Magpies is going to get underway. Getting ready for the game, everything becomes a running commentary. The bus station is just a sea of Magpies and Blues colors. It seems like the clowns are in town. Clowns all dressed up in either black and whites, or navy blue, with faces painted ready to entertain, or in this case, be entertained.The collective nerves and tensions are evident on the faces of the fans trying to hold back from pre-game cheering. Until some one no longer can and shouted something which I couldn't make out. The rest of the fans just follow suit and before I know it, there is the huge roar coming from the fans even before we entered the stadium.The initial siren sounds sparking once again a roar around the ground. The electricity created would have powered the lights had it been a night game. A small brawl and a bit of a push and shove combine to create the perfect start to a perfect rivalry game.EscapeI love being in a sports game atmosphere. It was exciting and invigorating. Being in the crowd of 20,000 people supporting 2 teams was unbelievable. Everyone was so excited; yelling and screaming. People were doing the wave, holding different flag and banners and different cheers, and when I sit back and listen, all I could hear was one loud roar of all the fans screaming and shouting for either teams. Being in this atmosphere made my adrenaline pumped and it makes me want to be involved. 'The world of sports also offers us the chance to escape ourselves. Where else can otherwise reserved and modest folk paint their faces or dress up like animals,' some even had their whole bodies painted! I loved seeing how people from different backgrounds, both young and old, men and women all from diverse lifestyles come together as one to cheer on their teams.I was sitting amongst the sea of black and whites. I felt like as if time in the universe had stopped just for this sporting event. Or I've entered into another dimension where men and women acted very differently from what they would be behaving in their everyday lives. The stadium acts as a space where adults can come into and be a totally different person. An 'alternative universe' where people have the liberty to choose not to abide by the social standards of behaving. A place where being rude in actions and language is normal, and in some cases, preferred.CamaraderieThe sense of camaraderie was incredible in the stadium. Because the Blues and the Magpies have been rivals for so long, the camaraderie and rivalry amongst the fan seems to be greater. Fans were shouting at the top of their voices, from the bottom of their hearts and most of the times in unison. When Collingwood kick their first goal all the fans around me jumped up and screamed. The sense of community was strong within the...

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