Trisomy 2: A Gift Or A Curse?

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More often than not, children diagnosed with Down syndrome get viewed as lesser of a human being than an average person. Why is that? Is it because of their looks or IQ? Is appearing different really all that different? By taking a look into what Down syndrome is, how it affects them and those around them, and how it can be treated will prove they have the potential to do more than an average person.
To completely understand the concept of Down syndrome, one must understand what it is. Down syndrome, the leading factor of cognitive impairment, is a genetic disorder where three chromosomes 21 are inherited. In other words, a person with a disorder of Down syndrome receives an extra set of chromosome 21. Studies have shown, about 95%, on average, of Down syndrome victims inherit the extra chromosome 21, and the other percentage only receives an extra chromosome 21 in the muscle cells. It can range from mild to severe. The people who only receive an extra chromosome 21 in a specific location is called mosaic down syndrome, and that is where a person is not affected as severe in the intelligent category as a person who has the disorder completely. It also states that it is mild and that it can go undetected (Med net). In 1866, John Langdon Haydon Down discovered the disorder of Down syndrome. Through him, the name, down syndrome, has been established (Cornwell).
In today’s society, down syndrome, also known as Trisomy 21, victims are distinguished by their physical characteristics such as a flatten face and nose, and their eyes are turned upward in a slant. They often have a short neck, small mouth and ears, and a protruding tongue. People with trisomy 21 tend to have white spots placed on the iris. They also have a single crease on the palm of the hand that demonstrates another characteristic of a Down syndrome disorder. Trisomy 21 tends to develop a weak muscle tone, and they have loose ligaments (Med net). On Tuesday, April 29, I conducted an interview with Brittany Harris, the sister of a Down syndrome child. She stated that Sophie, her sister, is currently taking ballet with a group of children who have also been diagnosed with Down syndrome to help them strength their muscles. Due to the lack of development, people who are experiencing this disorder may have multiple health concerns such as leukemia, a heart defect, and gastrointestinal problems (Med net).
How can one know if they will conceive a child with trisomy 21? As it was stated earlier, the Down syndrome disorder is genetic, but, in truth, the risk of conceiving a Down syndrome child increases with age. Studies have been conducted about the risk a pregnant woman having a child with trisomy 21. At twenty-five years old, one out of 1,250 people conceive a child with trisomy 21; whereas, in twenty years the chances of conceiving a child with trisomy 21 is one out of thirty. After conceiving a child who has been diagnosed with Down syndrome, the parents automatically increases the...

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