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Triumphant In A Male Dominated Society Essay

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With a 4.0 GPA and an exceptionally high score on the LSAT, Elle Woods from the movie Legally Blonde proves that she is highly capable and competent as a future lawyer at Harvard Law School. The film directed by Robert Luketic argues that it is possible for a woman of any stature and personality with values to succeed in a male dominated world of law school. The movie aims to target the audience of feminists, young girls and socially active individuals such as Elle Woods. The film uses color, logical appeals and cinematic elements to support the claim.In Legally Blonde, Elle Woods, an epitome of femininity, proves that first impressions are not always correct and women can succeed as lawyers in a masculine dominated world. Elle Woods is a fashion marketing major and blonde sorority girl who is determined to get accepted into Harvard law school in order to win her boyfriend back. Warner Hunnington, Elle Woods' boyfriend, ends their relationship after claiming that Elle is not serious enough and insists she would encumber his reputation as a lawyer. After being accepted into Harvard Law, Elle earns a spot in an internship where she participates as one of few defensive lawyers in a challenging court case. The film illustrates the patriarchal image of law school and how significant qualities such as intelligence, knowledge gained from female interests and ethical values are important to the success and respect as a female lawyer in law school.Legally Blonde argues that Harvard law school is a traditionally patriarchal-dominated society in which women are considered 'second best'. As a group of new law students gather outside Harvard Law School, they greet each other by each giving a short biography of themselves. From Mr. Kidney who earned a PhD in biochemistry, Ms. Wexler with a PhD from Berkley and Mitch who graduated first in his class in Princeton with an IQ of 187, Harvard Law School gives the impression of intelligent, prestigious and goal-oriented individuals. The majority of the students in this group are male. Even the new female law student, Ms. Wexler, mentions that her PhD had an emphasis on "history of combat" strengthening the claim that Harvard Law School is primarily composed of intelligent masculine students. Elle Woods states that she has a bachelors in fashion merchandising, was former homecoming queen and talked Cameron Diaz out of buying an Angora orange sweater. Her peers look in disgust and shock at her ecstatic feminine remarks. The facial expressions...

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