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What is a trojan?A trojan horse could be either:a) Unauthorized instructions contained within a legitimate program. Theseinstrcutions perform functions unknown to (and probably unwanted by) the user.b) A legitimate program that has been altered by the placement of anauthorizedinstructions within it. These instructions perform functions unknown to (andprobably unwanted by) the user.c) Any program that appears to perform a desirable and necessary function butthat (because of unauthorized instructions within it) performs functionsunknown to (and probably unwanted by) the user.Under a restricted environment (a restricted Unix shell or a restrictedWindows computer), malicious trojans can't do ...view middle of the document...

During the rest of this text, we will explain about the most common types oftrojan horses.Remote Administration TrojansThese trojans are the most popular trojans now. Everyone wants to havethem trojan because they let you have access to your victim's harddrive, and also perform many functions on his computer (open and close hisCD-ROM drive, put message boxes on his computer etc'), which will scare offmost computer users and are also a hell lot of fun to run on your friends orenemies.Modern RAT'S (remote administration trojans) are verysimple to use. Theycome packaged with two files - the server file and the client file (if youdon't know which is which, look for a help file, a FAQ, a readme orinstructions on the trojan's homepage). Just fool someone into runnig theserver file and get his IP and you have FULLcontrol over his/her computer(some trojans are limited by their functions, but more functions also meanlarger server files. Some trojans are merely ment for the attacker to use themto upload another trojan to his target's computer and run it, hence they takevery little disk space). You can also bind trojans into other programswhich appear to be legitimate.RAT'S have the common remote access trojan functions like:keylogging(logging the target's keystrokes (keyboard functions) and sometimes eveninterfering with them, thus being able to use your keyboard to typeinstead of the target and say weird things in chatrooms or scare thehell out of people), upload and download function, make a screenshot of thetarget's monitor and so on.Some people use the trojans for malicious purposes. They either use them toirritate, scare or harm their enemies, scare the hell out of their friends orenemies and seem like a "super hacker" to them, getting information aboutpeople and spying on them or just get into people's computers and deletestuff. This is considered very lame.There are many programs out there that detects the most common trojans (suchas Nemesis at, which also detects people trying to accessyour computer), but new trojans arereleased every day and it's pretty hard tokeep track of things.Trojans would usually want to automatically start whenever you boot-up yourcomputer. If you use Windows, you can get b00tm0n from (note:at the time this tutrial was released, b00tm0n was not ready yet, but itshould be ready some time before year 2,000, so if you're reading this afterY2K, b00tm0n should probably be available at Under Unix, wesuggest getting some sort of an IDS (Intrusion Detection System) programs tomonitor your system.Most Windows trojans hidefrom the Alt+Ctrl+Del menu (we havn't seen any Unixprogram that had the ability to hide itself from the processes list yet, butyou can never know - one day someone might discover a way to do so. Hell,someone might have already did). This is bad because there are people who usethe task list to seewhich process are running. There are programs that willtell me you...

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