Trojan War And The Odysseus By Homer

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Over the course of the ten-year long Trojan War, the character Odysseus is introduced to those who may read it. This particular man is depicted as the main character, the hero, of this tale. In Homer’s Odyssey, an epic hero is one who embodies the ideals and beliefs of the civilization they live in. This hero is the protagonist of the epic, the technical main character. Though like each individual human being these epic heroes and heroines will also bear there own flaws. Odysseus also has his own flaws that hinder him along the duration of his adventures in the Odyssey. One flaw that Odysseus can be known for is his overbearing self-confidence; he’s a hubris man, arrogant at heart. Another flaw of his is that he’s egotistical; he puts his own desires before those of his men and others around him. As an epic hero and a human being Odysseus has his flaws, which lead to the demise of him and his men.
The Odyssey revolves around the protagonist Odysseus, who as the epic hero of this story. Being the hero, he embodies his people and what in there time would be viewed as the ideal person, someone of greatness. Value systems are portrayed through the lives of these people, the virtues of the people. This can be seen towards the beginning of the Odyssey when Odysseus is thinking back on the journey he had gone through for all these many years, he says; “men hold me formidable for guile in peace and war: this fame has gone abroad to the sky’s rim.” (Homer 128-129). This shows how the men value Odysseus, for his participation in the Trojan War. Through the haze and trouble of this war he managed to come up with a plan that in the end won them the war. He preformed extremely well as a soldier and a commander. Odysseus was the one who came up with the idea to construct a large wooden horse that propelled these men into winning the war. Inside the hollow belly of this steed men would be hidden, this horse would then be taken to the gates of Troy where it could be seen as a peace offering. The men infiltrated Troy and from there won the war. In that quote it also mentions how his ‘fame’ has gone up into the sky. Meaning that even the god’s know about the deeds of Odysseus.
Odesseus is a mortal man, meaning that a part of him being human is having flaws. Even though he is the hero of this story, he is not a perfect being. Theses flaws cause many problems to him and his men through their great travels. One of his flaws is his knack for making fools of people. Through his own curiosity he’s driven down into the most troublesome of situations and encounters. Clumping in these two flaws one will see how combined with his curiosity, by making fools he earns himself many enemies.
Odysseus even from the very beginning had been clever enough to outsmart people; he used this trait to help win the Trojan War. Using the wooden horse Odysseus and his men manage to fool the people of Troy, thus wining the war. Though, afterwards even with his great triumph he...

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