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Trojans,Worms, And Viruses: What Are They And What Can You Do To Stop Them

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Imagine this; you are sitting at your desk looking at a bunch of pictures. Just a normal scene, what could go wrong? Suddenly, you’re attacked by deadly things that are trying to steal your personal information like your credit card numbers, email address, all your passwords, everything. Could this be the work of ninjas? No (bet that is what you first thought though). What about the FBI? No. Then what was it? It was a virus. If you hadn’t figured it out by now, you were looking at pictures online using Google images (for all you Bing fans, I’m sorry but Google is much better). You were downloading pictures from Google and one of them happened to contain a virus and it was downloaded with one of the pictures. How do I know this is a virus? The answer is that I don’t. I didn’t give enough symptoms to diagnose this. To the pros at hacking and security, you may know that viruses are not the only threat. If you are new to the world of computers, you might not. The three types of malware that will try to harm your PC or your data in any way are Trojans, worms, and the most famous, viruses. These three are very different and all are terrible for you and your PC.
Trojans are a type of program that can and usually will hurt a PC through software and hardware. The way it gets into the computer is by fooling the computer user into thinking that some software he/she found online is safe. When the person downloads the software, it is not actually useful software. It is actually a Trojan which has now invaded the PC. Once in, it allows the creator of the Trojan to access and control the computer from his own house. The hacker can then access passwords, important documents, and other stuff that will be mentioned later. The malware does not make more copies of itself so if the Trojan can be located and destroyed, the computer should be okay. This may sound easy, but it is actually very difficult to even notice that a Trojan is in a PC until it is too late. The only symptom that can help catch the malware is if the computer is running much slower compared to usual (Trojan horse).
Trojans do many things to harm a computer as well as someone’s financial state. Some things it can do are crashing the PC; destroy, steal, modify, or ruin data; erase the hard drive; steal money from online banking systems and online money transfer systems; download or upload private files; download more Trojans or viruses; see what the user is doing on the computer; and even control the PC for illegal reasons like buying banned drugs and stealing other people’s money. Trojans are never friendly and should be gotten rid of as soon as possible. The Trojans get their name from the Trojan horse in the battle of Troy. This was a mythical battle that some people say never happened. Basically, Troy got in a war with another Greek city-state and the enemies built a giant wooden horse and the Trojans brought it in due to them thinking it was a gift. A Trojan virus works similarly and so the...

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