Tron: Legacy A Remake Of The 1982 Film

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The son of a computer programmer goes searching for his lost father in a new world. This premise is the base of Tron: Legacy, a remake of the 1982 film that became an instant science fiction classic. The original immersed it’s viewers in a new and uncommon digital world. While today this digital world may not be so new, does the film can it captivate its audience like the original did? With this being a remake of the original, is the story going to fall apart like so many predecessors attempting the dreaded remake? Also, being a science fiction film it is of course going to have a large amount of computer generated graphics, but can it truly pull it off? As I have never before seen the original I can give a fresh take on the new movie without my judgment being clouded by the original. Let’s jump into the grid together.
The grid is the digital world created by Kevin Flynn; he was a game developer and computer programmer. In this digital world the programs are represented by a human-like form that can interact just like ordinary people. In this world the creator, Kevin Flynn, did not have enough time to effectively manage it alone so he created a computerized replica of himself which he named CLU. This is an acronym for Codified Likeness Utility, and is a program in the likeness of Kevin Flynn with the purpose of perfecting the system. In his quest to perfect the system CLU turns against his creator becoming the antagonist of the movie and trapping Kevin Flynn in the grid. CLU’s ultimate goal is to take Kevin Flynn’s place on the outside world, and take his directives of perfecting the system to the real world.
The story truly beings when a series of events leads to the son of the grid creator getting pulled into the grid. Once Sam Flynn, Kevin Flynn’s son, realizes he is now in the grid his father created so long ago he starts wondering about his dad. After some epic disc battles and light cycle races the story follows Sam as he is reunited with his father. Together they start pursuing a quest to leave the grid. After many adventurous scenes and a zen moment by Kevin Flynn they come to the conclusion of the movie. In order to save his son, and what he has been protecting the entire time Kevin Flynn absorbs CLU destroying himself so that his son can escape the grid.
Many found that they did not care for the acting in this film. Although, most agreed that Jeff Bridges, who plays the role of Kevin Flynn as well as CLU, did a tremendous job; I would whole heartedly agree. The generally consensus was that the rest of the crew and extras preformed dreadfully, I would disagree. I feel that the rest of the crew played the roles they were meant to play, and did as well as the script allowed them to. After all, most people played a human manifestation of a computer program.
The films story seems to wander a bit throughout the movie and almost happens upon its...

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