Tropical Cyclone: Something That You Should Know Before It Comes

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Tropical cyclone is the rapidly rotating storm system that has some unique characteristics of the low pressure center, strong winds, and spiral arrangement of thunderstorm that produce heavy rain. A simulation can be done when you blend the ingredients in the blender.

Then, why tropical cyclone is “tropical”? It is because of the geographical origin of the storm system that forms in the tropical regions, typically between the latitudes of 30° N and 30° S**, while “cyclone” means cyclonic nature of the storm system with blowing anticlockwise in the Northern hemisphere and clockwise in the Southern hemisphere, which the fixed and opposite direction can be explained by the Coriolis effect**. ...view middle of the document...

Although it can stimulate construction industry due to the reconstruction after the hurricane Sandy comes to the coast of the US, shown by some indicators like the construction spending, retail sales and industrial production**, suggesting that there are short-term economic gains, people are suffering from the long-term detriments made by the hurricane, and the losses are probably greater than the gains. The economic cost due to the hurricane Sandy are estimated between 30 and 50 billion, possibly due to two main factors, destruction of assets and disruption of the flow of capital, exemplified by the damages to the real estate and the unexpected changes in the investment planning and decisions respectively. For some developing countries, what their cost would be directly related to their income, as the economies of those countries are agricultural-based, which means that the crops will be destroyed due to the typhoons. The relative loss per crop due to the super typhoon Imbudo in the Philippines as part of the annual household incomes varies from 24% to 64%**, showing that the damages of the typhoon applies in both developed and developing countries.

Apart from the economic perspective, tropical cyclones also bring concern in the issue of public health. Firstly, in terms of public health services, tropical cyclones may damage the health-care infrastructure, like hospital and clinic, disrupting the provision of public services. More than that, mortality and even psychosocial problems are created due to the presence of tropical cyclones. Storm-associated injuries and deaths would be induced directly and indirectly during the come of tropical cyclone, like the fall of the advertising boards may lead to casualties. Lastly, outbreak of infectious diseases, though is rare in developed countries, is common in developing countries, which seemingly caused by the lower immunization rates of vaccines, the poorer sanitation and poorer access of fresh water and nutrition**, which become the important factors of the increase in the transmission of epidemic diseases. The crowd in the shelters is resulted from the destruction of the buildings, making diseases to be more widespread.

However, from the ecological aspect, there are some favors that sound sensible**. Since the warmed water in the sea forms tropical cyclones, it provides heavy rainfall for the countries in a short period of time that helps solve the drought problem and provides moisture, which can boost the agricultural industry. Moreover, the moisture and the strong wind provided by the tropical cyclone can have a cleaning...

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