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Tropical Rain Forest Depletion (Position Paper)

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One of the planet's most powerful and bio-actively diverse natural phenomenon are known to be the rain forests. To start off, it is important to be knowledgeable about what a rain forest really is. For that, one has to understand the importance of the rain forests itself. Although they are characterized by tall trees, abundant rainfall, and warm temperature year-round there are two types of rain forests: tropical and temperate.Temperate rain forests are much more scarce than tropical rain forests. As the name suggests, tropical rain forests, are defined by their dry and wet seasons. In fact, these forests receive 400 to 1000 cm of rain each year. A tropical rain forest grows in four layers: ...view middle of the document...

These tropical rain forests can be found in 85 countries around the world, however, 90 percent of those are concentrated into 15 countries, each containing ten million hectares. The Amazon rain forest, which is located in South America, is one of the largest tropical rain forests. It covers an area about two-thirds the size of the whole continent of United States. Despite the fact it is one of the world's greatest natural resource; they are being destroyed every day. And the destruction of the rain forests is a problem that the people of the world cannot continue to ignore.According to sources (, in the past fourteen percent of the Earth's land was covered by rain forests yet this number has dropped significantly to only about six percent. There are many necessities that the people of the world depend on the rain forests for, some of which would not be available if rain forests did not exist. Rain forests have declined at a terrifying speed of 150 acres per minute or 75 million acres per year, in the last 50 years. (source: People need to realize the horrible disaster that will inevitable occur if the citizens of the world do not open their eyes to see the seriousness of this problem.The sad news is that many people do not see deforestation to be a serious illness. These are the people who consider flooding, soil erosion, and the loss of biodiversity to be "nature events". They believe it's perfectly fine to clear woods to make room for agricultural land and industrialization. In addition, they feel that now developing countries have the same right to change their land just like developed countries had in the past. When I say "they", I am referring to people like the government and industrial corporations. The decisions weather a forest stands or falls is by the government policies. Governments in the tropics, own or control almost 80 percent of the tropical rain forest, whereas in many other countries government policies behind the wastage of forest resources.Among the poorest countries on Earth are the tropical. As a matter of fact, Brazil alone spends 40 percent of its annual income by simply giving service to its loans; thus the per capita income of its people is less than an annual $2,000. The sad part is that, Brazil is said to be one of the richest countries in South America. Therefore, all the countries in South America have to manage the most delicate and valuable forest left in the planet. According to a writer and biological expert in the NASA Earth Observatory, Gerald Urquhart says that, "Rainforests are being destroyed worldwide for the profits they yield". Since rain forest are incredibly rich in natural resources and commodities, particularly timber, minerals, and petroleum they are highly prized for the durability and beauty of their wood. For most of the multi-national corporations the main attraction is oil and natural gas. Whereas for...

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