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During the most important and successful segment of his career, Bob Dylan was exposed to a time of criticism towards government and politics, an era of raging warfare, and caught in the commencement of the Civil Rights Movement. His strong support for equality and freedom proves that Bob Dylan is a man of peace who simply speaks his mind. Despite that the Croatian community recently “pressed charges against Dylan for allegedly comparing the conflict between Croatians and Serbs to the Nazis' persecution of Jews” it is preposterous to think that Dylan would ever provoke racial hatred (Amiel). It’s awfully controversial that Bob Dylan, a man known to be a progressive thinker and grand supporter of the Civil Rights Movement is being sued for racism. Justifiably, Bob Dylan was simply stating historical precedent which is typical of him. With that in mind, it’s exactly that assertiveness and upfront attitude that allowed him to become a “spiritual” leader to the ‘60s youthful movement that marked history.
It’s hard to believe that three weeks before charges were pressed on Bob Dylan, the folk-rock singer and songwriter was rightfully receiving the highest honor of France, the Legion d’Honneur. The citizens and culture minister of France were more than pleased to present the well-deserved award to Dylan, whose trajectory demonstrates clear support for justice and equality. The Croatian group filing against Dylan stated that the singer made such comments of “equating all Croatians with the small minority of Croatian war criminals” in an interview of the French version of RollingStone magazine (Amiel). The interview contained a broad range of questions, however, the most controversial are brought about comparing 1860’s society to present-day America. Dylan’s responses to the questions were comprised of both factual info and personal opinions. He focused on slavery, an issue that caused a...

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