Troubled Times In The Right Way Supermarket

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Fred Ferrell and Amy Caldwell are both doing what they thing is best for Right-Way Supermarket. They are both neither completely right nor wrong. I do not agree with Mr. Ferrell’s management style but Amy was a little over eager in the way she approached him. Changes and compromises need to be made for things to work out at Right-Way between Amy and Mr. Ferrell.
Mr. Ferrell seems to have traditional management style and I’m not sure I would call his motivational style motivational at all. I would say that his motivational style is Douglas McGregor’s theory x which uses fear, believes that workers like to be given orders and is inflexible (McHugh, McHugh, & Nickels, 2013, p. 267). This ...view middle of the document...

He had an engaged employee in Amy until that point after though he probably had a disengaged employee. If I were Amy I would think that if he was going to check over everything I did then he should just do my job himself and save the store some time and money. I picture Mr. Ferrell as an older gentlemen and Amy as a young, maybe still in her late teens since she graduated just last June. This would put quite a generational gap between them and Mr. Ferrell may not realize that Amy probably grew up with technology and may actually have the knowledge to innovate her job. Amy is also a little over eager to and also has a hard time understanding Mr. Ferrell’s point of view.
I’m not sure I would have very good advice for Amy to be honest. If Amy wants to keep her job and try to make it work, the best advice I could give her is to give it time. Since she managed to get the job the person who hired her, possibly Mr. Ferrell himself, believed she could do the job. In time she may come to earn Mr. Ferrell’s trust and respect and then she can approach him again and ask him to consider her proposal. Until that happens she could use this time as an opportunity for further perfect her ideas and calculations. When the time is right she can approach Mr. Ferrell, with her work already done, and ask to meet with him about a new proposal when he has time. She should not attack him first thing in the morning again like she did this time. If she approaches him in a calm and professional manner he will be more likely to listen.
She has a couple more alternatives if she just cannot wait or if she just cannot stand it there anymore. She could quit obviously. However, it is not so easy to find other jobs right now so I would not recommend it, at least not at first. Conversely she could go above his head and take her ideas to the parent company and see if they would be interested. She would be making Mr. Ferrell look bad though, especially if the parent company likes her...

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